Exploring different looks for Ideas


 Above, I have created several floor plans of the conservatory (and their contents.) I had quite alot of trouble deciding on which shape the conservatory should be. Should it be a complex Victorian style or a simple and small garden conservatory. Furthermore this exercise enabled me to plan out different ways of laying the flowerpots inside / and other features – where should the sofa be in the room / where would I be able to get the best light and view of the room with camera angles in Maya. And how could i fit the content in different size rooms. Next to this page, is a moodboard of different conservatory interiors which I gathered as research and to get a better understanding of the structure.

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The two pages from above are the sketches that I made from other photos of conservatories. I created these to understand how I could capture the conservatory / the different angles and also to decide how I want to make my conservatory. I really liked this exercise because it meant I could consider small details which I may have overlooked otherwise – such as the shape of the windows / the details on the window glass / the layout of the room and the variety of conservatories. Do I want to make a unique interior and structure that will be different then the normal – or follow the structures like above. From these sketches I was able to explore these questions and identify elements I will use in my final concept.




Just like the first idea, i also created several sketches from children’s dens for my second idea. For this idea I would create two environments. One would be the exterior of the child’s den and the second the interior. I want the inside to signify the imagination of the child – therefore large and magical. The exterior should look homemade and inviting. Above I made some drawings – this was a really big help as I was able to explore the many forts that have been created – and what I would need to model if I am t choose this idea. For instance lots of fabric is used to create the main structure (therefore I would need to learn how to use / create fabric within Maya.) I looked at the inside of these forts (which were often very colourful, small and confined) I also looked at rooms so I could understand how I could combine these two together.




From very early stages in this idea I knew that I wanted to use an umbrella as the main structure of my ‘den’.  This is so that the fort will blow away when the umbrella catches wind — also because it is supposed to be created from house objects (made by a small child.) Above are sketches I created after exploring  the different forts. I also have looked at some composition in the above page. I want to include the small house in the corner to show that the fort has been left by the inhabitants of that home. Inside the fort I want to place objects that will tell information about the creator.

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