Concept Art

 IDEA ONE (developed into two concept sheets)


These two concept designs are based of the same narrative – but I wanted to develop this concept more than the second idea because I feel that the narrative is the most developed. The first concept uses a cold atmosphere – the scene is covered with dead plants and a use of dull colours create a cold atmosphere. Although my digital environment is a sad story I don’t want the piece to be depressing – Although the characters have dies the story celebrates there memories which they plant – although they pass away apart of them is attached to the plants which live on. By killing all the plants I feel that the story would not have the same effect or purpose. The second idea has alot more life and personality – and will lead the audience to be more curious over the chaos of the scene. The first concept may work better if it used more warmer colours.spavce

This is a floor plan of the conservatory – I know that I’m going to use a ‘lean to’ style conservatory which means the base will be a rectangle – I decided on using the sofa in the center of the room as it will be the heart – the chair will be surround and encased among all the plants. I also looked at particular details from my scene such as the sofa and the draws – which both would have moss growing out of them to show the unkempt nature of the conservatory. Also conveying how it is deserted and no longer looked after.


This concept art was to give me an idea of the layout of the conservatory – it lets me understand the sizing of the room – and will help me when I come to modelling the structure of the conservatory. This image was also one of the first times seeing on the plants together. However I do want the plants to look more wild and over grown, more so than here.


After deciding exactly how I wanted the fort to look like I created some rough concept designs (above.) I spent quite alot of time deciding what the outside of the fort was going to look like that the inside was not as coincided as I liked. I want the outside of the tent to look duller and darker but the inside alot more colourful – If I had more time to develop this Idea I would have spent more time on deciding on more details.

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