TO DO lists and Plans

As I stated on the previous postĀ (Gantt chart post) time management is very important. Not utilising the time will mean that the different elements could be rushed and not fully explored. As well as the Gantt charts I use lists to direct what to do each day. This is going in more depth than the Gantt charts as it allows me to see precisely what I need to do everyday. I also like visually seeing myself tick things off as it shows what I need to do and what I have completed. I find this a much easier way to plan my time and one that comes very naturally to me. Below see these lists. (1) (1)


Gantt Plan_01Above is my intial Gantt chart, used to allow me to plan out how to schedule my time. This is vital when it comes to any animation because of the different stages pre-production, development and editing. All of these things needed to be slotted in so that I could keep on top of the work and not waste my time. As previously stated the above Gantt chart was created at the beginning of the brief however I created a second one a couple of weeks in so that I could edit the Gantt to my new work flow which slightly changed with my progress. This is a really good visual aid to ensure time management is up to scratch. As you can see there is a giant red strip on animation this is because I did run out of time to animate something which I need to consider next time.