Group work

Week 8 (EVALUATION of Group)

Group Evaluation

The only issue we had – Is when coming to submit our work to the RSA competition we had a lack of communication with of our teams members. During most this week we were each working very hard to ensure that our parts were all ready to submit on the Thursday – we each came in on the Wednesday to see how much we each needed to finish and those who had, helped the others. However due to circumstance – Natasha had to remain at home (to work from a computer.) The next day we only found out (even though we had contacted throughout the two days ) that she had not finished – we found out an hour before. However we all quickly put together the pieces she had and created some animation other the top to make it fit and continue the story. We even froze pictures she had sent over to make it fit the correct. Thankfully it worked – although it doesn’t look that great it still is finished and has some movement. I believe she had not known the exact time of day it was to be submitted – if she has communicated we could have helped. Mei and Chanel had finished and repeatedly explained they would help and she could use their computers. we weren’t mad  – just disappointed, as we had all worked very hard to make the deadline.

Other than that our group had really worked. This was the only issue that we faced with each other. Throughout this animation project (or any other group project I have worked in), I have felt able to communicate and express our ideas well. I have loved working with this group because we all work hard and also compromise very well with one another. If I was going to re-do this project I think I would have tried to stick to the schedule a bit better. In the beginning we spent a lot of time trying to decide on our idea – however this pay of as it was a strong concept that we took from the original audio. At times we couldn’t decide on what story to do. This was our worst area but it meant a lot of idea generation. We decided on the idea I choose are after that we were able to move well to creating. The worst parts were during week four where we didn’t achieve the schedule. Although we did manage to pick up. We had less time to animate because of an essay we didn’t schedule.

During the end, when I was a little behind Mei and Chanel, they both were able to help me out which was really good! A positive for sure about working in a group. Chanel helped to finish a background that I started, and created another from a sketch I made. Mei sat with me during a technical problems in After effects. And help create an idea I had in my storyboard. Chanel made the character bases – which was we all used to keep our style similar. Lastly Mei, as our editor was very organised when submitting the animation – she got everything ready and the details filled out so when we had only 4 mins to submit we were able to make the deadline. Plus her knowledge about the software was invaluable – she was able to sort out the file size and putting all our parts together. I created the concept and idea which I sketched a lot of. I also as the director made sure that everyone knew what they were doing. I often asked and many people in the group, didn’t know. I created the meetings notes and created more diagrams to show everyone. Furthermore I created schedules and set deadlines for everyone to meet – helped come up with many ideas and solutions to problems. Natasha helped with coming up with ideas and finished her designs very quickly. However during the end she was last minute when submitting her work – which created a lot of stress and panick – she was trying very hard to finish – it was an honest mistake on her part. It was just a bit disappointing as we worked very hard till that point to communicate almost daily.

Overall we hit the deadline (although very close) our group remained in contact and agreed on our ideas. If we didn’t like it then we compromised – which is a good trait in a group as often this can be the route of all evil. We planned to meet three times a week and every time everyone came in. Even if there was last minute meetings till late everyone was committed. Everyone showed 100 percent to the concept and idea. I would happily work with this team again.

Week 6 + 7

During these two weeks we had the enhancement week and the formative – therefore we did not have any lessons. We arranged to come in several of these days so that we could give support to one another. It was this period that we had scheduled to begin making the characters and backgrounds (week 6) and for week 7 to start the animation process. When it came to it – it actually took a little longer than expected – as one of our editors had to leave the country unexpectedly due to personal reasons (she was the person who was to explain how we would start making and animating in after effects.) Therefore we had to research how to do this and experiment.

These two weeks we worked on creating the characters – I had over 15 to create which was a very large amount. And five backgrounds. We also needed to pick the colours for the scene. In the end we decided on complimentary colours and keeping it very simple – which was inspired from the artists that we had looked at but also the posters from women’s rights. This way the animation wouldn’t get to complicated as we had many many scenes in the short time of 1 minute. Overall during this period we worked really well – even though we were a bit behind on the schedule, we had produced lots of worked and communicated with our fourth member of the team on Facebook (who gave us help when needed – and continued on her part there). We also produced animation tests which we showed one another and this meant we experimented with the software and let us determine any problems that we could run into on After effects animating stage. Some of these problems included lighting/ the blinking of the character eyes and walk cycles.

Week Five

This week we presented our finished animatic to the rest of the class. We got alot of really positive feedback and alot of people really like the concept (which was a good thought.) It also gave us a chance to see where everyone else was with their animation stage. Some of the groups had to restart completely and so it showed us that we were at a good stage and not to worry as much. Mei, our group’s editor had to put the animatic together that day as we had worked on them over the weekend. She also put together the presentation – while the rest of the group gathered the images and work to put on the slide show. Some of the constructive criticism that we gained from the presentation was that some of the angles made the animatic look flat and we should think about the camera angles that we have included. – I agree slightly with this as some of the angles were flat on wide shots – and so we thought about different angles after the presentation. But, our artists that we had looked into, actually create this flat looking style, so it was our style we had chosen. But I and the rest of the group of course want to have some variety in camera shots.

During the rest of the week we changed the schedule as we were a little behind. We also began creating moodboards for the our different characters, backgrounds and for the colour. We needed to identify what all of our animation would look like so that when we began animating we knew exactly whether it would work – and also so they each would work with each other. We had alot of really communication during this period as all have a round idea of what we wanted it to look like – the difficulty was just identifying what exactly we wanted.

Below is our finished storyboard we created from our sketchbook ‘re-design’ of the storyboard. We used this to understand each others work and during the process of animating. And a script of the story.

Part One (MEI’S)

“Design is a agent of change, “

The word design appears on the screen (creatively)

Then turns into chemical symbols/ atoms

Then zooms out to a presentation from the first female scientist.

 “which can help us to make sense of what’s happening around us and to turn it to our advantage.”

Chemistry set, words go into and changes – droplets from the steam come together and spiral as a visual display of audio

Part Two (ALICE)

 “And the process of analysis,”

A group of men in a group debating about politics and the election.


Zooms out onto a woman looking out from her window

 “planning and execution that we call design, “

Woman puts on sash/ picks up sign and then marches along with other women.

 “can help to ensure that changes of any type, whether there scientific, technological, cultural, political, social, whatever”

Montage of women. Suffogette walks across and she changes into scientist (Marie Curie), changes to first female pilot to fly across the atlantic, to a women in male gaze and finally to the suffogette making her vote.

 “are introduced to the world in ways that are positive and empowering rather than inhibiting or destructive.”

Charleston dance and then corset tightens around her.

Part 3 (CHANEL)

“There’s no shortage of challenges to tackle, “

‘We can do it’ poster female – famous arm pose.

 “helping us to live more responsibility and sustainably,”

Zoom out to the fields – her in land army – farming background.

 “re-inventing dysfunctional social services,”

Police/ ambulance vehicle drives past the screen.

“readdressing the tragic imbalance of resources that leave so many people with too little and the rest of us with more than we need or want.”

Behind the vehicle the next scene (a homeless mother and child on the street) appears. A rich man/ woman walks past a homeless child dies/ ill.

 Part 4 (NATASHA)

“Now I’m not going to pretend for a moment that design is a panacea for these problems (far from it)”

The potion is created (no hands – on its own) and then knocked over.

 “but it’s a very powerful tool to tackle them, provided it’s deployed intelligently , and the more we know about design the greater our changes will be of using its power wisely.”

The presentation of a teacher in a class –

Camera to student who stands up.

Then slowly becomes consumed by design – the colours project out of her and the finished poster pose – with the words “using its power wisely.”

RSA_Storyboard (pt 1)RSA_Storyboard part 2RSA_Storyboard (pt 3)

Week Four



Chanel’s Drawing


Character designs

On week three we decided to each come up with many different character designs (bearing in mind our style) to show one another and hopefully to decide one. Week four and we all came in with these designs. It was clear that we had many different styles and visions for our main character. Our main character is going to be a female (women’s rights) and so we needed to have a character that could show emotion to the struggles of the women movement. We also earlier on decided that our style would be a 2D flat. We are going to use after Effects and so the character needs to show movement through the limits of using the puppet technique. Personally I began with creating the face and tried to use simple shapes and head shapes which we could make easily.


Chanel’s Drawing

In the end we were able to create our character very well. We each went round and circled our favourite designs. And then we went around and took our turns to pick a couple favourite from everyone else in the group. After this we explained why we liked theirs. We all agreed and we then made a new character based on certain features. The head was made between mine and Natasha/Mei design we all used shaped where i used a circle and they a sqaure, so we decided on a sqircle! The shape of the eyes come from Mei, the nose was mine and the lips was from Chanel. So really it was just a combination of all our work. Which i liked since it meant we all agreed on the final out look. The body we wanted to remain quite small and short to fit in with the art style. Instead of a full size human – the group liked a page of drawings I made of a overly curvy women and the body really came from this. Some of the others had made her body small and thin. However we decided that should celebrate the curve of the women in the animation. So she has a pear shaped body.


Next week, we will need to present our animatic to the rest of the class. And so we need to really finalise the narrative of our story. So on the Tuesday we had a meeting about exactly everything that would happen in the animation. We spoke about transitions and composition. We also had some holes in previous versions of this idea and so we really tried to fix this.

-Looking at all of our individual storyboards of the whole plot and discussing our ideas.

We had each gone away on week three and made rough storyboards for our part we presented to each other and spoke about. I had come up with lots of ideas for camera angles and character design/ clothing and background.

– Agreeing on some of our favourite pieces

-Finalizing the main parts – below is the doodles we made when deciding on ending

– dividing the animation into our four parts for the storyboard

– Friday – coming together to begin animatic


Week Three

Design Museum 

We went to the Design Museum to gather some ideas for the animation. In our group we walked around and looked at different parts of the exhibition whilst discussing there purpose and possible connections to our project. Unfortunately there wasn’t much on women/ women’s rights – so instead we looked at the objects from new eyes to gather other ideas. Our tutor pointed out the masks in the Africa section. They were really fascinating from a Design point of view. It showed how design could give a person a different identity – face. For instance a large masks used for battle (same with any Armour) is decorated in a way to scare people or to make you seem larger. Whereas there are masks for rituals made to take the shape of creatures – design/ masks gave the people that wore them power. I like this concept. Not sure to how it could connect with our idea – but it is really nice just to think about. At the Museum we also found in a south american exhibit about the use of colour symbolizing different things. This could be incorporated nicely into our piece especially when we decide the colour palette.

Discussing the ideas we have so far

-developing some of our concepts / reviewing the thumbnails

-beginning to create ideas and concepts together

– Thinking about the character design / researching into women’s rights movement-planning to come to come up with some storyboards.

We decided to have regular meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Also when we get closer to the deadline and animating we will come in on other days so that we can work together as much together.

Making our first draft over the story-line/ Plot of our animation (wed)

On Wednesday we had a meeting where we wanted to create our first version of the plot. As it is the third week we really needed to begin finalizing some of our independent ideas into one. Therefore after listening to each others small ideas for certain words we discussed what we really liked or which could be developed/ combined. The first image shows our first plot and the second was to refine it further.



Below is a finalized version of the plot. It was made just so that each member of the group can understand the plot without any confusion. Furthermore, because we each have different parts we need to know how each one merges together and this is a good way to see it. Another benefit of making this is so that we can read an overview ‘first draft’ of our plots and see whether it is working or not.


Week Two


– Reviewing the art style and making decisions.

Doing Presentation in front of the rest of our peers.

We gathered all of our research that we had collected so far to make a presentation which we would show to the rest of the class – It also gave us a chance to see how everyone else was doing with their projects. It was quite clear when we started watched everyone else’s presentation that they were further ahead than us! They all have their final idea already planned out – which was good as they knew what direction they wanted to go in. It also made our group question about where we stood with our project and push us into making our idea.

Although, personally I felt that it was a bit too early for this stage .We may still had a lot to do compared to them, however, we only just started researching the RSA brief, our brief and the lots of artists and illustrators we felt could bring to the animation. We wanted the first week to be a research one – the more we understood about our audience and the complexity of the script the better our idea would be (when we came up with it) as we understood the message and connected to it. I needed this time to research into the idea of design – so therefore I liked that we wasn’t as restricted to a finished idea (after the first week.) The idea generation and research normally are the largest and important parts of the animation process so no need to rush.

What went well and what could have gone better

We actually need to identify with how we want to connect with the audio and make it personal to us. Although in the presentation we explained what the RSA lecture meant and its message – we didn’t properly explain/ know ourselves how we would interact with this message.


Picking out the adjectives and words from the script

After the presentation, Mike (our tutor) decided it would be a good idea to get together in our groups and begin the idea generation process. We were all to look at our script to the RSA and select adjectives and any words that conveyed imagery to us. We would then use this word to draw and write down ideas that we imagined from this word. As many small thumbnails as we could think of – relating or not relating to the topic of design and society. I really liked this exercise because in our group we were all confused with how we would make our animation – what I mean is, was it a motion graphic or a narrative piece, with a character or without. And if it was a narrative how would we make it connect to the audio without confusion. This really puzzled me – but doing this exercise meant we could begin making random thoughts (even if we didn’t use them — it let us think about what we could do with the animation.) So very helpful!

Dividing the script into four

We decided to split the script into four sections. And divide this between the four of us for this exercise (and maybe even for storyboarding later on.) so that we could each spend enough time on the whole script. Of course we each help one another think up ore ideas and discuss what we had for each part. Above is the brainstorm we made with the ideas.

We began thinking about some different ideas –

Mei really liked the motion graphic route whereas Natasha and Chanel wanted a main character in the animation. Personally I wanted to start with having a strong idea and think about this after. So we began coming up with some ideas but taking into consideration what everyone liked/ envisioned.

Deciding what to do that week

Over this week we want to do the following:

We will brainstorm many ideas (lots of thumbnails, so the next time we meet we can discuss these and develop the ones we liked from each other.) also to avoid being stuck on a certain idea/ get rid of the bad ones. Lots of ideas (thumbnails) for certain words or for the different parts we gave to each other.

Watch the full RSA: Most of us actually haven’t sat down and watched the full 20 minute lecture where the 1 min Design and society audio was taken – watching this could give us some more ideas. And it could explain more about the ideas and message the speaker is conveying.

The Problem /THE IDEA

By the end of the week I had become so stuck with the ideas and slightly confused that I decided to write onto the Facebook message if anyone knew what our idea was. Everyone else couldn’t answer – therefore i put forward one of my ideas i had thumbnailed: Women’s Movement Idea ->”One idea that I had, is that our character is a woman from the past, to see how women have used design in order to get the vote – and establish themselves into society now (in a equal world) – the same character from the past to know. Basically how women have used design to give themselves notice and rights. Equality.” (from the chat) – Furthermore it seemed like a good idea because we were all women! So it connected to each of us. Everyone in the group really liked this concept – and from there we began researching into the suffragette movement and women’s rights for the start of next week. Also coming up with thumbnails to connect the idea to the audio.


Week One

Forming Groups / Our roles

My first task for the new term was to form a group with the other students in the class. We had to form groups of 3 – 4 people. And we went about doing this by determining the skills we all had. Before we even began deciding who should be in each others groups our tutor (Mike) helped us all to recognize each of our interests/strengths that we felt we could bring to a group. Also he made us decide what role we might like to take on for this brief.

My Role/ Skills

The skills I explained I had was working in 2D animation (doing a foundation course – we mostly used 2D animation) also I said about foundation – and how we had to create 30 sec animations often sometimes under short deadlines such as 2 weeks. I had to do research, development and the final animation in this time. Because of this I felt I could bring my knowledge about working to such a deadline and the process. I also know various programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After effects and Premiere Pro (although some I’ve only know a basic knowledge of.) I also mentioned that I felt I was a good idea generator – I often can plant down lots of ideas and ways it could be created. I like to storyboard/ concept and character also. However because there was so many people in the class that wanted to become the artist – I decided instead to apply for the Director position (as I never have been one before and I felt I was a good leader and ideas person.)

The Group

When deciding a group it was important that we would get on and could communicate about our ideas easily – without to much disagreement (however a little will help us) – I first choose Mei as she is an editor (there were not that many!) she has quite a strong knowledge when it comes to creating animation and putting it together. Chanel is an artist she has even sold her art before for commission – Lastly Natasha she makes her own music as a hobby and so will be helpful in that department. Although we have these skills I know that we each really want to have a go at each area of making our animation (everyone really likes making storyboards and being artists – so we most likely will share the work load during this part.) However for the sake of being official below are our titles.

Me (Alice) -> Director 2D animation/directing/storyboarding/character animation

Mei -> Editor photoshop/after effects

Chanel -> Artist Illustrator/characters/2D animation/Photoshop/Sai

Natasha -> Producer Character/storylines/drawings – Photoshop

Deciding on which audio and why / looking up different artists / style

Another reason why we made a good team is because we all agreed on trying the other brief ‘Design and Society’ as the rest of the class chose Curiosity – we thought we should have ago at the audio no one else liked.

Looking at Brief

To begin with we all wanted to read through both our Unit Brief and the RSA brief so that we had a better understanding of what to expect – there was a lot to read through so we decided to read through this that night.

Setting up meetings and Facebook message

As the Director I created a Facebook group where we could all discuss issues we may have. Also to upload data for each other to see and let us connect as one group.