Development of main ideas

 The Conservatory Idea


For the conservatory idea I want to place a single sofa or a chair to represent / to show the owner. I am just looking at different chairs and understanding the look I want for this chair. The sofa is more a comfortable chair which is meant for lounging and relaxing where as the garden chair is for gardening and is meant for support after a long day (and garden parties.) The chair that i choose is important as its used to represent m character – as they will not be in the scene – it tells the audience that heir must be a person that uses that chair.


Drawing up several Plant pots and plants to help me when I come to modelling / creating the concept. I want to identify the different plants and plant pots.   19

Above are sketches of conservatories – trying to understand the structure / different types that there are. Also Looking into the interior and learning what it should look like – with all those windows.


Trying to experiment with different compositions. Drawing some props / and again looking into the conservatory. A list of assets I would need for this scene.


Looking at a house. I really like the look of English houses and so I looked online to find a shape I liked. I then experimented to try and make them more stylized. I have also looked at the complex look of the conservatory and floor plan.


I have also created some more sketches above of houses I could use for both the conservatory and the other idea too. On the facing page is a drawing I made of the flower pots in my own garden.

The Other ideas …


Above I looked at (for a majority) old English bus stops – I really like this idea of a bus stop for my environment. A unused bus top which has such character. So I just doodled some looks from photographs I stumbled across online. I have also looked at some children’s forts – so I can see how to make a fort and develop it further.


Above are just a selection of ideas and thumbnails I drew from previous Ideas. Just to get down some of my initial ideas visually for me to see. On the right side are images of under stair cupboards. I had an idea of a witch that kept her potions under the stairs hidden – a cactus that is enchanted tries to escape and hide among her secrets unknown to him. Therefore I just looked at the different spaces.

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