Week Three

Design Museum 

We went to the Design Museum to gather some ideas for the animation. In our group we walked around and looked at different parts of the exhibition whilst discussing there purpose and possible connections to our project. Unfortunately there wasn’t much on women/ women’s rights – so instead we looked at the objects from new eyes to gather other ideas. Our tutor pointed out the masks in the Africa section. They were really fascinating from a Design point of view. It showed how design could give a person a different identity – face. For instance a large masks used for battle (same with any Armour) is decorated in a way to scare people or to make you seem larger. Whereas there are masks for rituals made to take the shape of creatures – design/ masks gave the people that wore them power. I like this concept. Not sure to how it could connect with our idea – but it is really nice just to think about. At the Museum we also found in a south american exhibit about the use of colour symbolizing different things. This could be incorporated nicely into our piece especially when we decide the colour palette.

Discussing the ideas we have so far

-developing some of our concepts / reviewing the thumbnails

-beginning to create ideas and concepts together

– Thinking about the character design / researching into women’s rights movement-planning to come to come up with some storyboards.

We decided to have regular meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Also when we get closer to the deadline and animating we will come in on other days so that we can work together as much together.

Making our first draft over the story-line/ Plot of our animation (wed)

On Wednesday we had a meeting where we wanted to create our first version of the plot. As it is the third week we really needed to begin finalizing some of our independent ideas into one. Therefore after listening to each others small ideas for certain words we discussed what we really liked or which could be developed/ combined. The first image shows our first plot and the second was to refine it further.



Below is a finalized version of the plot. It was made just so that each member of the group can understand the plot without any confusion. Furthermore, because we each have different parts we need to know how each one merges together and this is a good way to see it. Another benefit of making this is so that we can read an overview ‘first draft’ of our plots and see whether it is working or not.


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