Individual Character Designs

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Above are all the early character design work that I produced for our group. We all decided to design a variety of characters, pick our favourite three. Submit them to one another through Facebook message and decide upon our favourite the next time we see one another. In the end we created a new character created from different parts of all of our characters. You can see that there are a variety of techniques that I used in order to create these characters. To begin with I created six pages of character heads / faces. In the same way as thumb nailing , this way I could get rid of any styles or habits I have because I force myself to create different head shapes and features throughout. I then selected my favourite and submitted those to Facebook.

For the bodies – I created the blob characters. I first draw out a variety of shapes and then file them in with a female character – this way I can play about with the scale and shape of my character. I really like this page as there are quite a few nice shaped people – however in the end they were about to ‘large’ looking and I wanted to aim for a womanly figure. Oh, I also made a couple pages of human figures made entirely made of different shapes. I really like these as I intended for them to remind me of some of the artists that we looked at who uses mainly shapes. As much as I liked these my group wasn’t so keen – fear not, for I continued and I finally created a few pages of doodles. At the Design Museum I really like the woman’s figure being captured in a curvy way and so I made several with a short figure with a pear shape – a thin waist and larger legs. My group liked the curvy woman idea and we used these sketches when creating our character from everyone’s work.


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