My Thumbnail Ideas

20 22 After coming up with with concept of women and design I separated the storyboard into four parts again and created dozens of ideas that could connect with different parts of the script – They were quick thumbnails that let me plot down the ideas that may or may not work with the topic we had chosen. From this I would speak to my group and then develop the ideas we liked further into storyboards. 19I also decided to create some questions to ask about this topic so I wouldn’t go off track to the idea od design – as well as some key points I might want to look into. The two posters were just the two most famous I could recall for design and women in history.24


At the end of week two our group had only managed to come up with a brainstorm of different ideas that sort of had the theme of a character interacting with the background that would change with the script. This was a nice idea visually but it didn’t have any meaning or connection to us with the concept of Design and society. I put forward the idea of women using design to push themselves further into society and to try and become equal in a modern world. Above is a spider diagram of thoughts / ideas / concepts within this idea that we could look at and still connect with the script. The group liked this idea and we went with it.


The script above has been cut into pieces and analyses so I have a better understanding of the actual content of the lecture. I also wrote a couple small ideas around the script as I was understanding it – when the script became clear, metaphors and imagery that connects with the concept would allow me to build ideas that work with the script and what message is being said.

23On the second week we spoke over all of the ideas we had generate personally and then tried and combined what we had – develop one another ideas. Spoke about the narrative of the piece. Some of our group wanted a character, whereas one wanted a motion graphic feel and so we compromised around this. Above is a spider diagram created from all the ideas that we came up with. We decided on keeping the narrative a linear structure because we are creating a animation that will move with the script / our character will progress through the text – the script is created so that we learn the main conclusion at the end. However we may later decide to change this.

27We divided the script into four among us, so we could pick out the adjectives of the script and again do some thumbnails and sketches to this word. Above is the word “inhibiting,” I had to find out what this word actually meant – I knew its meaning within the text but on its own I felt unsure and so I gathered synonyms and also used the words such as “forbid,” “prevent,” “shackle” and etc to create my drawings. I really liked this exercise because I didn’t have to worry about the plot of our animation just yet and meant I could draw anything and use my imagination to create visuals that for me captured the word inhibiting. Some of the ideas I got : a tidal wave element about to fall and restrict our character, she would be unable to move as it was too late. Another idea I really liked was one to do with shapes. The character is squashed into a triangle and cannot get out until she uses design to try and widen her horizon. . I like the idea of the shape pulling her in.

28some more thumbnails I created for a certain sentence at the beginning of our idea generation – we were getting quite stuck with ideas and so we each at home created some visuals like above, so we could express a variety of ideas and concepts. I also looked into the definition of words to understand the complex script better – finding the synonyms of these words gave more visuals also.

29Out tutor gave the class the idea of breaking down the script into sections and creating ideas from this. Also separate from my group I developed some ideas I got from particular sentences or words in the hope I might spark a idea. Above are the thumbnails I created for the sentence: “Analysis, visualisation, planning and execution that we call design, can help to ensure that changes..” this exercise also let me get rid of any bad ideas.


After our group discussion and the group spider diagram we decided to go home and create even more ideas and concepts that we would then come in and show to each other. This way we all could think up of several concepts that could potentially be developed into a final idea – Above is my rough idea generation I created. There are many ideas looking into the idea of a superficial reality – and how what we see now, and especially the media is ‘fake’ and not reality – but yet it builds our reality. I really like this concept as it does connect to us and could create different creatures and use our imagination to produce different visuals for the script.  Another idea that I liked was using revolutionary posters and showing how that design was able to progress that movement or revolution forward. In addition these posters really are about the people – just as design is, it is trying to reach out to people that may not have realized an issue.

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