Week Four



Chanel’s Drawing


Character designs

On week three we decided to each come up with many different character designs (bearing in mind our style) to show one another and hopefully to decide one. Week four and we all came in with these designs. It was clear that we had many different styles and visions for our main character. Our main character is going to be a female (women’s rights) and so we needed to have a character that could show emotion to the struggles of the women movement. We also earlier on decided that our style would be a 2D flat. We are going to use after Effects and so the character needs to show movement through the limits of using the puppet technique. Personally I began with creating the face and tried to use simple shapes and head shapes which we could make easily.


Chanel’s Drawing

In the end we were able to create our character very well. We each went round and circled our favourite designs. And then we went around and took our turns to pick a couple favourite from everyone else in the group. After this we explained why we liked theirs. We all agreed and we then made a new character based on certain features. The head was made between mine and Natasha/Mei design we all used shaped where i used a circle and they a sqaure, so we decided on a sqircle! The shape of the eyes come from Mei, the nose was mine and the lips was from Chanel. So really it was just a combination of all our work. Which i liked since it meant we all agreed on the final out look. The body we wanted to remain quite small and short to fit in with the art style. Instead of a full size human – the group liked a page of drawings I made of a overly curvy women and the body really came from this. Some of the others had made her body small and thin. However we decided that should celebrate the curve of the women in the animation. So she has a pear shaped body.


Next week, we will need to present our animatic to the rest of the class. And so we need to really finalise the narrative of our story. So on the Tuesday we had a meeting about exactly everything that would happen in the animation. We spoke about transitions and composition. We also had some holes in previous versions of this idea and so we really tried to fix this.

-Looking at all of our individual storyboards of the whole plot and discussing our ideas.

We had each gone away on week three and made rough storyboards for our part we presented to each other and spoke about. I had come up with lots of ideas for camera angles and character design/ clothing and background.

– Agreeing on some of our favourite pieces

-Finalizing the main parts – below is the doodles we made when deciding on ending

– dividing the animation into our four parts for the storyboard

– Friday – coming together to begin animatic


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