Above is our Finished animatic. We created this by dividing the animatic into four sections which was split equally between the four of us. We each had created storyboards for these sections and so created the animatic from what we had already planned. You can see that there is a  mixture of different styles now, however when we create the puppet in aftereffect it will look the same as we shall create the costumes on a base we will all use. The character will be the same just different hair and clothes to show how she is one women for all. The Timing needs a little work in some parts but overall it is a good example of the final  piece.

Explaining my section

The first section of mine begins with the view from the window as it is from the women perspective we become the character (the female gaze.) She is looking at the men. This way we feel like we are one iwth the character and living her expriences. The next shot is of her face – wnought time to understand how she feels left out/ powerless and trapped inside. She then will have a realistion that she can change it – i have included a turn to show here full costume – the sign and sash to highlight she is a suffragette. The montage section will be quick as it follows the audio exactly. It will fire lots of ideas quickly and so the people I will use must be obvious to understand within seconds. Lastly the faint scene will show a dance then zoom in as the corset pull so that we feel more constrained within the seen. The screen will be left empty to present the audience with a second of thought.

This is a Rough Version of part two of the animatic the images are taken from my sketchbook. I used this before starting the official animatic to know for sure all parts of my storyboard thumbnails would work within time frame and to understand whether I need to cut or add elements in. I had a lot to cover in 20 secs – so it needed to be tested. I also got the first idea of how my thumbnail idea looked like with my sound.

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