flowerpotmentalray_flowerpotbookshelf plane_01 REFE_1 sofa sofa2 sofa3 sofa4

The modelling at first was very difficult to use for me as I am a beginner in the software and only had a couple lessons on it in the first term – which I had forgotten quite a bit. However I thoroughly enjoyed making the models after I understood the tools as it was like a puzzle which I needed to put together to get the final model. Although I did get a hang of the modelling it was very challenging for me to keep up with the same pace that some of my other peers were at. To make my sofa I had to make 12 attempts. (I am pleased to say I am satisfied with the final outcome). I had to really experiment and watch tutorials in order to build up my knowledge of the software. I used references online (like above) to help me to create my models as well as concept works. I started modelling my furniture in the room.

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