Independant Final Character Concept


Above and below are the independent sketches that I made for my characters I have been looking at. I positioned them in different poses related to the character to also help me understand how I would position it within a filmic shot. I will be doing a dance for the Charleston section and so I have used the Charleston poses – it will be difficult to animate so I need a simple move that will reflect the Charleston. From this I can identify this shot.


39Above are some more shots of characters and costume ideas coming together.


These are my different variation of the hair styles for my 1920s hairstyle. I also drew some accessories. I circled my favourite.


These are some costume ideas I sketched up.


The corset sketches – how it will interact with the costume – also some early facial expression experiments.


different costumes for the 1920s character and action poses. Playing around with hair. Another page of corset ideas.


charleThis costume was difficult for me because I felt it was difficult to achieve the straight like look of the 1920s dress as our body shape for our character design is pear shape. – in the end I went for a simple low waist cut dress like so – im going to include a head piece. Not sure about the colours still – so will play around when creating the clothes – the scene will be most red and maroons so I don’t want her to get lost in the scene.suff 1

Different dresses

When thinking about the costume and colour pallete for the suffogette lady –  I took a lot of inspiration from the colours used widely for the movement – this being purple, white and green. I really liked this idea od the colours each meaning a different part about the suffogettes. I used all different tones to create a mixture of costume colours. The costume just needed to be of the right era and I played around with the colours and designs. I decided on a dress / colour pallet like the one main above as the purple gives her a wise / elegant look – the sash is included so that the audience understand her purpose. EXPRESSAfter collecting some research like the selection below and used my previous sketches to help me – I created dozens of expressions that could be useful within my scene. We will be using After effects to create our animation so therefore we cannot easily change the facial expression – and will need to pick only a couple of these above. I have put a star next to the ones I think will make it to the animation. I will send Chanel our artist to create the expressions – as she has created a particular style. – She will trace over the face. I must note for the 1920s girl she will be wearing makeup – circle lip and dark eyelashes – just to emphasis the 1920s style further.

movie expressions

Mixture of sources (add to bibliography soon)

When creating the expression of the character, like in the drawings below – I really want to be able to get across the feelings of the character as she moves aronnd. What is particulary hard is the short time to express emotion – I found it difficult to come up with expressions for the corset scene – where my character must appear surprised then in pain and then to a faint. Above is several references that I looked at to help me to get a better understanding of what these expressions may look like in reality. They are videos from YouTube where a woman is having her corset laced up. 47 Above are the first sketches I made of the facial expressions that my character could portray in the different scenes within my part of the group animation. They are just really quick ideas – I circled some of the ones that I liked and hopefully can progress forward.

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