Background and colour

Above are some background thumbnails I created to understand what different angles I should use for different parts. I used images on google for angles looking down at a city as this was the most challenging.

The background and colour have definitely been the most difficult aspect of our decision making in the group animation so far – I think we all have different ideas imagined in our heads but so far we haven’t really chosen a decided colour – with concept art. We had a group meeting on week 6 to sort out this issue – however we also have been working on making all the pieces of our character to start the animation process – and one member of our group unfortunately could not be here.

In the meeting on week six we decided that we wanted to try and use tones of a selected few colours for our different scenes. We decided on using different colours but using the same tonal value for our scenes so that the still transcend well. Before making any final decisions I suggested that we decide after each creating a couple of thumbnails with the colour in use with our backgrounds. I tried making these however I’m not fully happy with the outcome so I’m going to speak to the rest of my group this week and see what they have planned.

backgroundAbove is some background ideas and items for the first scene. I looked into some Victorian style rooms – here I drew down some of the furniture. I also tried to capture some light source into these images as it gives an extra mood and atmosphere to the scene. She is looking out the window into a world that at the moment is able to join – the light from the window is reflecting over her body into the ‘dark room’. I really like this layout however I might have to make it a lot more simple and work out the perspective a little better. The artists that we have looked at use flat colours and simple objects/shapes to represents items in the background.

not author’s own


Natasha made this palette for me

The colour that I was thinking for this scene was Purple, green and white – as this is the colours the suffragists used in there designs/ flags, sashes, posters and etc. I know that if not done correctly then it might look a bit ‘tacky’ or not that great. So I want to pick the right type of purple and green – maybe use throughout the scene or just have the scene tinted accordingly. The colour palette below the badge, shows a variety of shades – maybe a bit too bright but I want to experiment.



For the Charleston scene I want to use a curtain and so reds and maybe contrasting green in the costume of the girl so – above are just some more doodles and colour palettes. The three digital thumbnails were a away for me to play around with the tone and to make a mock up of some of the ideas – to see if they were successful. However I’m not to keen of them. The green one is awful and so I think I might stick to a realistic colours with hints of these colours in the scene instead.

4041 I go the paints out, and decided to create these different colour pallettes and see which tones of green and purple I think work well – ignore the thumbnails next to it . It was just an experiment to see how they would look together – however they turned out quite dark. The colour palette below that is a contrasting colours yellow and blue/ green and red – just cause I wanted to play about with them and understand how they would look together. These colour palette are very vibrant which I light however I don’t think that they work together than well – so maybe a lighter tone will be better suited.

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