Final Personality Walk

This is my final personality cycle – I am really pleased with how this came out. The lighting really helped to set of the night atmosphere story. I also am please with the camera angles that I used. Especially the one that changes the walk and we see the man that she reacted too – because i prolonged seeing what she reacted to, we as the audience wonder what happens and its quite funny when we see its only a person putting out there bin. I am really pleased with how the arms of my dance walk came out as i spent a long time trying to get the right fluid movement. Below is the same animation without animation so you can appreciate the lighting’s effect. If I had more time I would have added music to the scene, just so that it is a bit more obvious that she is actually dancing. I would also have added a spotlight on the character as in some of the scenes she does appear a bit to shaded.

Without Lighting


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