06/01/2015 (Term two)

1This term we are going to learn some more techniques for our life drawing classes. Above is the first use of using lines along certain areas to help us to learn how we can control our proportions – although I really like the look of the quick sketches this technique really does give you a better perspective over where the feet should be and prevent any mistakes. I like that I can begin with a quick sketch and re work and see where I make my mistakes – it really gives me the chance to review my work and errors.


My favourite of the four above is the one on the left side. I tried to exaggerate her hip and decided to push it out further – I feel using the t-joint on her hip and the darker tone draws us to this section immediately.


These three poses I feel that I have captured really well. I really enjoy doing these quick sketches as the lines that I create, just feel more fluid – at the beginning of these sessions I overworked my lines, as a style it was quick and looked ok, however I really do feel that a single line can be even more effective. I like the different weight of lines and the emphasis of the t-joints. I feel this gives a more interesting look.4

I really liked the pose of this drawing. The line for the arm and the back of the head, really give the impression of the missing space.


 These poses are some from the beginning of the session – over Christmas I haven’t has a chance to draw a lot so the first few drawings just let me get back into the rhythm again. I like the middle drawing – the model was good at creating poses that could easily be exaggerated.

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