Animation Principles / Using Maya

After coming up with my finished story I then began playing with my rig so that I could learn how to use it to bring the Ball and tail to life. The video above is a selection of these tests and experiments. Most of them look pretty funny as they are just for myself to get a hang of the way the rig works. Furthermore I needed to play about to find out how the tail with move in different actions (jumping, moving, emotions displayed and etc.) for my final animation. I have looked and several animals such as squirrels, foxes, Lemurs and lions – each move in different ways so i decided to look at my references and drawings to to see which suited best. My favourite from above is based on a lion’s tail – they tend to move in a curl in and out positions that look really fluid. These tests are for me the most vital stage since I ca discover what works and what doesn’t.

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