Final Animation

After the formative I reviewed my animation and decided to make some changes. Most of the animation I liked, however I felt that at some parts of the animation the tail was a bit rigid – or it wasn’t moving and so the character lost life. The start of the animation is perfect – and I felt it lots of life however it loses that later on in the animation. Above you can see I have changed the ending slightly – the ball bounces and then stops next to the ball. And the timing of some parts were a bit to slow for the squash. Lastly I moved some the tail more fluid at some points. I am really pleased with this final version as its a bit more smoother as I spent time in making the ending as good as the start.

Above is my first version of my final ball and tail. I’m really happy with the finished piece, its very simple but clearly shows the story. I feel that the camera angles really help to create a fast paced animation – and to add emotion to certain scenes – such as when the ball and tail waits for the ball to jump up but can’t – we see the tail fall with sadness through a close up shot so that the focus is here. The only thing I am disappointed in is that the ending is a bit slower than the lively start – however I feel it expresses several moods of the characters.

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