IMG_0420 IMG_0424 IMG_0426 IMG_0440 IMG_0452 IMG_0472IMG_0426 IMG_0429 IMG_0434  IMG_0475 IMG_0482 IMG_0487IMG_0422IMG_0436

These photographs I took from my garden to gain first hand research into a collection of plants. More specifically I was able to analyse distinctive features of the plants for when i will model them. I noted textures and the way it grows.Furthermore I examined the colours such as the shading in light and how colours contrasted with other existing environmental shades. I thought that it was useful to also see the arrangements of the pots, which would be placed randomly into my own scene. I have included photographs of overgrown plants which are wild looking and good reference for my scene which will include unkempt plants. I used the photograph research study to consider what things would be placed in the conservatory such as garden equipment and the pots, for instance show how organised chaos can be presented. Lastly I plan to use some of these leaves within my own scene.

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