Here are some images which I took from my final Digital environment – some of the scene isn’t scene in the final animation so here are a few stills I included to show the amount of plants which were included and the ‘organised chaos’ which I was desperate to achieve (like a lot of my research sources that I looked at).

so much in scene

The shape of the conservatory is never seen – so below is the shape (which was actually one of the toughest things I made – or perhaps I kept putting it off because I had to make it technically fit well.) I used a blinn for the glass panels – if I had more time I would have liked to use mental ray glass and add more a dirty texture.


Some of my renders I did during the process of creating my scene and testing the camera angles were working fine.

sofa_view_fianla  View_RENDER2hearmeroarqualityglasse2slalala



The top image is just with the directional lights – it has alot more atmosphere because it is darker – the bottom image is with the ambient light also – it lightens up the scene more which I needed as some of the angles were impossible to see because of shadow.

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