1  angle conserva  fern Images from the building of my scene – Before making the plants I collect the furniture and will then create the plants which are needed. plant close plant lifedandelion planting plantview shadedlight sofalight tiles ugky

Whilst continuing the modelling of the plants, I also began texturing the conservatory and understand how to do this. i found texturing a real challenge for me – it was difficult to understand how to cut out the shapes in UV layout and even using Maya’s UV editor was a challenge – however I soon got the hang of it. I spent several days on the texturing of the conservatory. Above are images which I rendered whilst making / putting the scene together – I used a physical sun and sky light to get a sense of the objects. I really liked the natural look without the texture too – so i included it in this.


After the modelling I put together all the furniture pieces that I made to go inside my conservatory. This way I knew how much I had left to make – the plants were going to be a challenge – more because I was running out of time than it being technically challenging. I decided to use a mixture of modelling the plants (like the weed above) and then using the UV texturing to add a leaf texture to these models – and also cutting out leaves on Photoshop making them into PNGs and placing them all over a branch.


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