Hybrid Animation

Feast (2015)

In 2012 Disney studio created the short ‘Paperman’ – more recently the second short animation (Feast) has been released in a similar style. The mixture 3D and the look of 2D animation seems to be a new growing theme. The mixture of 2D and 3D continues further in the short ‘Get a Horse’ – that shows mickey mouse and the original cast brought up to date in another short. ​The trend currently around television is the 2D look and also mixed medias – This new introduction of overlaying 2D hand drawn together with 3D brings gives the animation a updated look not seen before – bringing both the personality of 2D animation and the depth and detail of 3D.  I’m really interested in seeing where else this has been used / and will be used in the future. Instead of creating the same realistic look of 3D animation the mixture of 2D and 3D has connected back hand drawn animation, and it being a real art and 3D being the future – by combining this it pushes the boundaries of existing animation. It is a new approach to style which hasn’t been seen before. At the moment Paperman and Feast are shorts – however in the future once the software / and the market is ready for it – then a feature length film of this could soon become a reality. There is defiantly a positive response to the animation. Other companies away from Disney are also experimenting with the combination of 2D and 3D as it gives the animation style and a virtual reality with the mix of medias. Such technology is surely the future and can be used not only for animation but for gaming also.

Brian Jin – Memories of the song

The Pearce Sisters

Another two good examples of 2D and 3D animation combined together to create a piece of animation which captures the personality of 2D animation and the realism of 3D / bringing it to life.

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