Idea Two Research

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Harry Potter films has offered a world of magic (and such imagination) – Even without looking at a particular scene the whole world explores the idea of magic – which could be a nice way to look at a child’s imagination.  Below I have gathered images from the tent scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire –  when they go to visit the Quditch World cup and they stay in a tent – The outside of the tent looks tiny and within it is transformed into a larger size – its been decorated with drapes of fabric to look like an interior of a tent (as well as the Gryffindor colours – therefore it is personal to that family and tells us more about them).  The Interior also looks very cosy, much like the Weasley home again this environment is really revealing about the people that live within, you can definitely tell that they are English Gryffindor supporters. I’ve included this scene because for my second idea I want to have a child’s fort that is transformed in the inside to reveal their imagination of when they are inside. I feel that this is a really good example – as the inside is large but still inviting and closed in  because of the draping fabric. I want to e able to tell more about the child within the fort and this is a good example. Below I have also included some concept art of the look of the tents which are very stylized and look magical. I want to capture this also.

 The Little Princess

I included the film The little princess because it features many scenes where her imagination and look on the world transforms the scenes. It is set during the first world war. Her father who is British living in India, return to England to fight in the war. The father leaves her in a boarding school that her mother grew up – however when he dies she is made to become the servant to pay for the expenses of letting her stay – she is taken out of her very expensive room and put into a old attic. However as she begins to speak with the other girls about her time in India she can transform the imagination of those around her. Furthermore there is one scene when she creates this imaginary feast with the other servant – when she wakes up all that she has described is created. I want to look at this film because it is a good example of a child’s imagination. And of how her character interacts with the imagination. There are dark times – perhaps in my idea the child is trying to escape to another place because he is mistreated – or has a bad home life in someway. At one point in the film she draws a circle on the ground of her attic and stays within – which she believes she is safe and reflects to an Indian folktale. Throughout the film she uses her imagination to create these escapes. Lastly, the scene where there is an imaginary feast the room is decorated with drapes of fabric and such colour compared to her dreary and ark attic room. Maybe, I could create a very dark world and then within the fort it could be colourful and bright (just like the images below.)



Coraline is an animated film about a girl that finds a small door in her room that she can travel to a ‘parallel’ world – where she finds a ‘new mother’ and everything is better than her grey world at the moment. This films has a lot of visually beautiful scenes such as the tunnel (below) – I really like the structure of the tunnel which is layered and a mixture of colours – I’ve included this because the main structure to my fort is going to be a umbrella – perhaps I could create the interior to be based of the curved and sharp lines of an umbrella (like the tunnel below) to give it this exaggerated view of reality. Another point to Coraline is that the main character is again trying to escape from her own life and decided to go to another world.

A Series of unfortunate events

…the Baudelaires enjoyed their evening in their sanctuary they’ve build together. but in their hearts, they knew that the troubling world lay just outside.

The series of unfortunate events, follows the tale of three orphans who a villain tries to repeatedly kill in order to gain their heritage. What is really like about this scene is that it is very enclosed and the lighting creates a very warm glow within the darkness – we also feel empathy for the children as they are locked away in the attic – by projecting a picture of their dead parents inside their sanctuary makes us feel emotionally connected and sad. I really like the emotion within this scene and hope to also create a piece which will generate a purpose / emotion.

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