Idea One Research

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Any one of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces would have been a good source for research for my project. He often captures the beauty of landscape and nature within his films (as well as other studio Ghibli films). However the particular film that I have chosen as a reference is Kiki’s Delivery Service – When a young witch turns 13 they must leave home for a year and make it on their own and to discover who they are and what they want to do. The whole film is spectacular in capturing the greenery of the landscape – for my conservatory idea I also want to be able to use a good composition and colour scheme that will make my scene as beautiful as the narrative I am trying to portray. Below are images that I thought were very similar to the look that I may want to use within my conservatory. I know I want my environment to be busy and packed with plants like below. I also like the composition of the plants in the foreground – the layered plants which are close to the camera and far away. I hope that I can use my camera to capture something similar to this. I want to make my scene maybe, more wild. The environment is very good to portray a witch living space (especially as its for the mother that makes portions and medicines) her area looks both mystical and botanical and really shows off the person that is living within.

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2

The concept art below is from the animated film; Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2. They have been created for the scene when the machine goes out of control and a jungle is created. I really like these images because the plants really do seem to look like they are out of control and wild – have taken over completely. This is what I really want for my scene. A reason why they look so wild is because of the layering (in the black and white image) the plants are draped over the viewer and it looks larger and intimidating. I really like the shapes of these plants – they are not necessarily life like but they have their own personality – spiky or curved, – it has its own style. I really want to draw personality into my own work like this – and not just have too like like. Furthermore lots of colours are used to breath more life into the wild plants and flowers. Another reason why this is a really good reference for me is because it is created in a 3D environment so I can see how these concepts have been transformed into a 3D.


The film Jumanji also has a very nice scene where the jungle explode from the game into the house. And the house is taken over by the overgrown jungle which wraps itself around the walls. I really like the look of the second image and the vines – also how dark it seems and scary. Although I don’t want my environment to feel scary, I would like to give it atmosphere, maybe of loneliness – love – death. I’m unsure if I can reach all three of these. I want to make the conservatory taken over my plants because of these three things. Instead of colourful I could make my scene eerie and dark like below. Which would really emphasis the death and dessertness of the environment. However I could use glimpses of light to bring out certain areas which expresses the love of these plants the owners used to feel.  The plants and tress below seem very furious and powerful – they have definitely taken over the house.

Return to OZ

This very eerie film is the second installment of the Wizard of OZ book series – it is set when all of OZ is taken over by a dark force and the people living within are turned to stone therefore the area is wild and deserted. I felt that this was a good reference to see a ruin which is beginning to be taken over by plants – below you can see a gardener turned to stone however his garden has gained out of control (similar to my story when the couple die the plants grow out of control.) I also like the look of the ruin – I might make elements of my scene look torn or unkempt.

Beauty and the Beast

The ‘west wing’ in Disney’s Beauty and Beast is a good reference for me – as it shows how a room has aged over the years without much care. The objects in the room are knocked over – the paintings and curtains ripped and plants have grown over the furniture.  The colour tones used within these scenes are dark blues and purples which adds a cold sadness to the scene. I’m not sure how I could give a 3D environment such tones however I would really like to add atmosphere with the use of colour. You can really feel a story from looking at these images – the lack of care and the can feel the anger which has turned cold over the years and quiet. I just want to lastly add that I really like the competition of the last image, the size of room and how inferior belle looks within the hidden room.

Sleeping Beauty

The scene in Sleeping Beauty where the prince must cut through the thick forest of vines, I really like. I felt that this could be a good source of research because the vines look so sinister and evil. They have immense power together and the way that they have been drawn – curved and pointed adds to the chaos of the scene (the lighting and the colours also add to this.) The different sizes of the vines make them looked layered and thicker. I included these images just because I liked the look of the vines and their out of control which makes them look animated and wild.

The Sword and the Stone

Although there are no plants in this scene of Sword and the Stone, I really like the room which Merlin stays in. Its crammed in with all of his things in a space which is too small for him and so this chaotic look is created. And I really like it. I want my own scene to packed in like this with the obsession of collecting plants and the space which is taken over by the plants which grow out of control. I also like the little touches which is included in this film such as the pot which is used to collect the water dripping from the roof. The room breaths the personality and the great knowledge that Merlin knows – and I think this is why it looks so appealing to watch.

The Secret Garden

The film Secret Garden is a story of a girl that moves to her uncles home when are parents both die – she then finds a secret garden which belonged to her aunt (also passed). The garden is overgrown and appears to be dead in winter. Then she is able to revive the plants back.  I have used this in my research because of the images hen the garden is overgrown and left behind and forgotton. I thought that it would be a good reference for my own work – the conservatory will hold overgrown and dead plants which have been left behind also when the owners pass away. Also the images when the garden is brought back to life are also nice to see because it shows the two different atmosphere I may want to look into.

Practical Magic

Practical Magic – like Kiki’s Delivery Service, is about witches. They also use a conservatory to hold their herbs – but also throughout the house, plants sit on the side and are wild. Furthermore I like how the other items have been place among the plants such as the beakers – which give an idea about the use of the plants – it ties it all together. I want to also be able to explore the characters that live within my conservatory and their reasons for keeping the plants. I like the petals and leaves that are places around the room below – for me their will definitely be remains of dead plants.


The last reference I looked at is the small plant in Wall-e that is placed within an old shoe. I know in my last scene that I want to use two small plants coming out of the soil to represent the deaths of the old couple – the significance that is placed onto this small plant below is a nice reference to see. I especially like the small light that is placed over the plant to emphasis the importance of Wall-e’s discovery. Another reason why I have looked into this is because I like that the plant is growing from a shoe – I want to have some of the plants growing from within a draw and from a chair (and below is a nice reference similar to that idea.)


LAYOUT Untitled-1

I found a useful resource of research, was books – with a huge archive of images from the past – books were helpful for scanning and letting me understand about the layout. The book above was particularly good as it explored layout and background in both 2D and 3D – when creating the concept art it showed me more about composition. The image below the book is a scene from 101 Dalmatians (Disney) which I really liked. For this idea I planned to have a very crowded and packed scene like above and so it is a useful source as it shows how organized chaos can still look very pleasing to the eye.

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