Developing the ideas



(Re-typed :

Concept 1 –> ‘Overgrown Past’

The story will center around a conservatory / room that has been taken over completely with overgrown plants. A couple have planted these when their child leaves. They take care of the plants as a hobby in their old age. The Husband dies and the wife is unable to attend completely to the plants – and so they slowly grow out of control. However she returns to remember the precious times that they shared together. – When she passes away the home is left alone to grow even more out of control. The footage will begin looking into the room, onto the pieces, old flower pots knocked over. Dark lighting, scattered leaves from a broken / open window. Elements that a old lady / couple used to live here. Picture on the wall, books, flowerpots maybe named after them. 

Concept 2 –> ‘Childhood Imagination’ 

The second is a child’s den. We shall see the den from afar. It is a basic den full of fabrics over a umbrella. As we look inside of the den it changes to show the interior of the den to the child’s imagination who created it – in a tardis / Harry Potter style (showing cracks) growing up and finally the den is blown away and scattered all over the grassy garden / and representing adulthood. )

In the end I have decided to pick only two ideas. This way I can focus on these and develop them further. The two descriptions are my initial ideas written down (Above). These are my favourite ideas and I feel that they have the strongest narrative. I hope to develop them further throughout this process.



Above I have written down three ideas – at this time these were my three final concepts (however as you have read, I decided to only use two because the third was weak and was more just a visual idea and not a narrative.) On this page I have also drawn ideas and compositions for the remaining two ideas. I may even decide to use in the final storyboard.


The many thumbnails above are for one idea. There are 9 different storyboards for telling the narrative for the conservatory idea (many plants taking over the space.) I wanted to create this so early on to ensure that I had a strong narrative for this concept – and just to get across my idea for myself. I have also doodled some other ideas such as a chair that has plants growing out from within it. And different items that may be found in the room – and to explain who these people are. I have some stills from other ideas in the top right corner also.


This last image shows the many different thumbnail storyboards that I created from 16 of my favourite ideas that I came up in my idea generation. By putting these ideas into the storyboard form it meant that I had to create a story which let me develop to otherwise simple concepts for an environment. By creating these storyboards I had to think about how the environment can tell a story – which is a large part of this brief. From this I will select my favourite / best narratives. When creating some of these ideas I really struggled to give it a concept that would work well and so I will leave it behind.


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