The mood board I created above, shows the huge visual content I studied when exploring my first concept idea. The whole Idea is built around this mysterious conservatory which is why choosing and developing a conservatory to house these amazing plants was important. As well as the conservatories there are plants to further my research into this abundant eden. I think compiling some of these visuals not only gives me some indication to how it could look but possibility of colour, green is obviously a colour which stands out but also the other colours such as the conservatories and how I could blend these colours together. Creating the mood board really helped me to generate ideas as I was doing it so which plants would be used and developing the narrative of why they would choose the conservatory etc. The conservatories are all different so which one would the couple choose and why? All important questions which stood out to me when I was creating this mood board. I hope to use this mood board to develop the idea.



The second idea which I chose to pursue was the secret umbrella den. This would be set outside. For these mood boards I really wanted to compile a sense of atmosphere and feeling. You can see the two different feelings from the exterior (looking at the den) and the interior of the den. The top mood board for this idea shows dull colours that seem washed out and cold to some extent. Colours which I envisioned for this project was green, greys, browns- which is evident in this  mood board. I feel the images you see here are kind of empty or missing something. The second mood board below this is meant to represent the interior of the den. This would be a huge contrast to the dreary day outside. The feeling I wanted to be represented in this mood board is adventure and a freedom of childhood. A representation of youthful imagination and fun. As you can see I have put several images of surrealism and even Alice in Wonderland which has that link to childish playfulness. The colours which be fresh and youthful such as blues, yellows and purples. I want it to seem colourful and a homage to the most special thing about childhood, the marvellous imagination.

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