Tony Trimmer

Tony Trimmer (

Illustration – concept design – Animatics

Blue Zoo

Works storyboard straight into Maya. All sets in 3D all characters and props in 3D. Work the camera angles and etc. Focal length, set the scene – red board. Draw on top for any detailed. Very technical – working out what the most economical shot. Hit entertainment – own loads of property (like bob builders) money makers. Ideas taken. Sharks. Crowd funding instead

Get work experience at Blue Zoo

Creative industry is run by accountants not the creative. Blue Zoo graduate and set up their own company. Research.  There age

What is it like being a 3D animator?

A lot of animation gone aboard because its cheaper – south Korea/china. We are starting to get tax breaks therefore its hard to say. Animation is hard work.  Think of other ways of growing your creativity – cant work really hard on animation. Different sectors.

DNEG and the Mill. Children’s animation doesn’t pay well but there are jobs there.

A template unit to think of starting your own animation career / working. New ideas and innovation. Get on Linktin and then you can see what job roles are needed. Little Innovative projects

Children TV and feature film (if there are tax breaks.) Brown bag.

Be prepared – money. Have an understanding of what a contract is, freelancer – what to expect. Might have to start working at a low rate however he can ask for more money. Pensions (: Learn how to manage these things if you know about it. The more you understand about the way that working is then the better. Average 35

How to get people to notice me

  • Its not enough to get you noticed with have a blog and etc.
  • Nice thing about the animation everyone is geeks – so more people don’t have to be formal
  • In forums connect with others. Enjoy networking and making friends. Right place at the right time you can get work.
  • Easy going – not gonna get people upset – a bit of a laugh then you will be a reliable person to that client and etc – they are gonna work with you. You are selling yourself as well as your work.

Blue Post – Design Junction

Be as sociable as possible

Best Piece of Advice. Get away from distractions – and relax – the creativity will come.

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