Interactive – Future (notes from class)

Spotlight Studios

Interactive mobile – The way that technology is allowing new content to be distributed. There is a lot more – Glen Keane for 3D interactive content.

Project Tango – How can I interact with spaces around me and etc.

The skills that we are going to have to gain with this new technology.  Think about the impact of the future. I’m going to have to completely re-define my skills. Be ahead of the curve.

PROJECT ARA – Break the phone into different parts – to re-invent what a phone is. Upgrade the phone.

On what will you be playing your content and with what will I be distributing. Unique Storytelling Characteristics. Interactive. Among others. Non Linear. Social. Shared on a global scale. What is media. Storytelling and Technology. House of cards?  Can make episodes as long as they want when on Netflix because they are on demand.

TELEVISION – Sustaining Innovation, Disruptive (YouTube, sky, Netflix) John Birt – Huge changes as technology progressed. Disruptive innovation is pushing up and up.

Consolidation – Social media has created monopoly – more the companies the higher quality.

The crowd – Ideas – Looking for content. People to upload there ideas. Amazon Studios <— different ways for us to come up with different ideas and then try and get them to happen.

Kickstarter* what is this? How do I get funding for my own ideas. Identify the success stories and see whether the deliver lining in the cloud is read. Research Animation and interactive start ups on kick starter.

Netflix –> personalized. Cookies. Suggesting posts and films we might like from what we already watch.

Successful Transformation change requires:

  • Leadership
  • Money
  • Total engagement
  • Shared Innovation language / process (know the language that is speaking.)
  • Learning Culture
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Removal of the fear of failure

What is the way forward to be a specialist or generalist – be aware if the future when you learn. Modelling is just a tool – not a career (his opinion). The more skills you have the better. More job opportunities.

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