Mosaic Films – (Andy Glynne)



These are the notes which I took when Mosaic Films came into Ravensbourne for a lecture. i have included them because they have show how 2.5d has been used effectively to create a gritty feel / dark feel for the stories they animated for the refugees. Furthermore the innovative idea of working on Adult documentaries and the process that they go through in order get funding for their work.

Documentary & animations.

Channel 4 used to make different to now. Heavy  Documentaries – therefore animated documentary. Not used yet inteunewed and created a narrative animated  film.

Low budget. Animted Did well, bafta awards. Comission more secondary function. Teaching enviroment / medical / patients. (Explain their stypmtoms – familt) communicate.

Animated documentaries. New genre. Young refugees. BBC 2 – Embedded people could witness and make awareness.

Non – broadcast. Based on 6 defecters escaped north korea. Refreshing- animation can be for adults films.

How can you raise money to make animted films like this.

Broad-caster documentaries budget. 80,000 an hour. Bring money from other places – soft money – grants and foundation.

Animation 6, film post – depression, Welcome Trust – biomedical research / truma / deafness and etc.),  Different hospitals give money to make a medical awareness piece.

Visual Metaphors – described to animators. (MAKING OF)

council bio effects – chldren medical – film about how to engage children for and against.

BBC online/ animation and narration quick turn around low – shorts for the bbc

cel action, Business, Position ourselves ,BBC wants this – pass us all because the documentaries write a script. storytelling a weakness

short animations non – western folk tales / everything (job) research script.

3D – 2D>

boy and the world simple works best.

Coming up with the project fro commision from online platforms.

Pitching. stu dent – paywell passion projects. – Interns outcomers – 18 min close up tectures and etc. Money shots blah  – toon boom

Kick started no likely- momentum etc audience want it. Invested in your education still even if you don’t have a project network up.

Markets doc fest, cartton forum, cartoon movie

Mosaic films went to June Fest Marsey – and got funded for one of their ideas.

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