Some Inspiration Enviroments

53848-croods-visdev2-620croods03r7kcrx2w-1396241187 The-Croods-family-across-tree-limb

The Croods

The croods is an animated feature film that follows the story of pre historic time. The reason why i have included it within this section is because of the environment that is created for this some what mysitical and foreign time he creators of this, have used such bold colours and stylishes shapes for the environment. The

Anna Karenina

The 2012 film, Anna Karenina, possesses a very beautiful array of environments within one place. When starting my initial research for this project i really wanted to include some environments that inspired me and let me think of other ways of presenting/ creating my environment that is different from the norm. The concept behind Anna Karenina is very unique as the entire film is located within a theatre. Therefore the environment is forever changing and adapting to the scene that is next. The story behind the film, is around the idea of the Russian society adopting the French style and pretending to act in the same way as the french higher class – therefore throughout the film the concept of the theatre is introduced – the characters are pretending (like actors on the stage) and playing a part in their own reality. The few scenes that feature away from the theatre are to show the characters drawn away from the Russian society and living a more real existence. I really like this concept for two reasons, one being that the smooth transitions between scenes are clever and imaginative – i also like the undertone of the settings. For my final piece, an environment such as this would be a good way of creating a narrative through a metaphor. I also like the idea of the environment moving and adapting within the scene. The environment can be a tool for telling the story.

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