Week 8 (EVALUATION of Group)

Group Evaluation

The only issue we had – Is when coming to submit our work to the RSA competition we had a lack of communication with of our teams members. During most this week we were each working very hard to ensure that our parts were all ready to submit on the Thursday – we each came in on the Wednesday to see how much we each needed to finish and those who had, helped the others. However due to circumstance – Natasha had to remain at home (to work from a computer.) The next day we only found out (even though we had contacted throughout the two days ) that she had not finished – we found out an hour before. However we all quickly put together the pieces she had and created some animation other the top to make it fit and continue the story. We even froze pictures she had sent over to make it fit the correct. Thankfully it worked – although it doesn’t look that great it still is finished and has some movement. I believe she had not known the exact time of day it was to be submitted – if she has communicated we could have helped. Mei and Chanel had finished and repeatedly explained they would help and she could use their computers. we weren’t mad  – just disappointed, as we had all worked very hard to make the deadline.

Other than that our group had really worked. This was the only issue that we faced with each other. Throughout this animation project (or any other group project I have worked in), I have felt able to communicate and express our ideas well. I have loved working with this group because we all work hard and also compromise very well with one another. If I was going to re-do this project I think I would have tried to stick to the schedule a bit better. In the beginning we spent a lot of time trying to decide on our idea – however this pay of as it was a strong concept that we took from the original audio. At times we couldn’t decide on what story to do. This was our worst area but it meant a lot of idea generation. We decided on the idea I choose are after that we were able to move well to creating. The worst parts were during week four where we didn’t achieve the schedule. Although we did manage to pick up. We had less time to animate because of an essay we didn’t schedule.

During the end, when I was a little behind Mei and Chanel, they both were able to help me out which was really good! A positive for sure about working in a group. Chanel helped to finish a background that I started, and created another from a sketch I made. Mei sat with me during a technical problems in After effects. And help create an idea I had in my storyboard. Chanel made the character bases – which was we all used to keep our style similar. Lastly Mei, as our editor was very organised when submitting the animation – she got everything ready and the details filled out so when we had only 4 mins to submit we were able to make the deadline. Plus her knowledge about the software was invaluable – she was able to sort out the file size and putting all our parts together. I created the concept and idea which I sketched a lot of. I also as the director made sure that everyone knew what they were doing. I often asked and many people in the group, didn’t know. I created the meetings notes and created more diagrams to show everyone. Furthermore I created schedules and set deadlines for everyone to meet – helped come up with many ideas and solutions to problems. Natasha helped with coming up with ideas and finished her designs very quickly. However during the end she was last minute when submitting her work – which created a lot of stress and panick – she was trying very hard to finish – it was an honest mistake on her part. It was just a bit disappointing as we worked very hard till that point to communicate almost daily.

Overall we hit the deadline (although very close) our group remained in contact and agreed on our ideas. If we didn’t like it then we compromised – which is a good trait in a group as often this can be the route of all evil. We planned to meet three times a week and every time everyone came in. Even if there was last minute meetings till late everyone was committed. Everyone showed 100 percent to the concept and idea. I would happily work with this team again.

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