Week 6 + 7

During these two weeks we had the enhancement week and the formative – therefore we did not have any lessons. We arranged to come in several of these days so that we could give support to one another. It was this period that we had scheduled to begin making the characters and backgrounds (week 6) and for week 7 to start the animation process. When it came to it – it actually took a little longer than expected – as one of our editors had to leave the country unexpectedly due to personal reasons (she was the person who was to explain how we would start making and animating in after effects.) Therefore we had to research how to do this and experiment.

These two weeks we worked on creating the characters – I had over 15 to create which was a very large amount. And five backgrounds. We also needed to pick the colours for the scene. In the end we decided on complimentary colours and keeping it very simple – which was inspired from the artists that we had looked at but also the posters from women’s rights. This way the animation wouldn’t get to complicated as we had many many scenes in the short time of 1 minute. Overall during this period we worked really well – even though we were a bit behind on the schedule, we had produced lots of worked and communicated with our fourth member of the team on Facebook (who gave us help when needed – and continued on her part there). We also produced animation tests which we showed one another and this meant we experimented with the software and let us determine any problems that we could run into on After effects animating stage. Some of these problems included lighting/ the blinking of the character eyes and walk cycles.

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