Making Of

screenshot spotlight experiments

Surrounding in this post you can see screenshots and frames from the final animation (/process). The lighting that I decided to use was only the image above. I used a spot light during the Charleston dance to highlight the character in the setting but also to show that she is the center – she is dancing and the light is on her as she makes her appearance as a free women (as the girls/ flappers of 1920s were more free and excited.) It also created the atmosphere of a threatre. Below is another idea I had of placing a light at the character to show the cast of window light. It worked really well – although the spotlight wouldn’t cover the entire length of the window it added a really nice effect and exaggerated the idea that I had that women were expected to stay inside/ at home – and the men were free outside. The light shows how she is tasting it as she plans her ‘Vote for women’ stage. Due to time I didn’t use this in the final animation – but here it is. test 4


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