Animation Evaluation

Above is my final animation – The part that is mine, is between the Suffragette to the corset tighten. Overall I am really pleased with hole animation and the rest of the groups – it works really in capturing out own take on the idea of ‘Design’. I was the one who came up with this idea:

One idea that I had, is that our character is a woman from the past, to see how women have used design in order to get the vote – and establish themselves into society now (in a equal world) – the same character from the past to know. Basically how women have used design to give themselves notice and rights. Equality. we can still use our imagery and ideas and make it connect. And we are women. Taken from the Facebook Chat

Everyone thought this was a good idea and then we came in and had a meeting to discuss this idea and develop it further. I really like this concept as it is original and really connects to me as a female. The animation process was a little difficult at first as I had never used After effects to do this type of animating. We had to create all the characters before hand in Illustrator and the backgrounds in Photoshop. The rigging of the characters took a very long time when in after effects – and using the pen tool was a little frustrating sometimes as you couldn’t always move the character the way you wanted too – even though I really like after effects as you can adjust the timing and play around with the effects. I’m glad I was able to learn a new skill during this project – and will definitely use this software again in my projects. I struggled with turning the character – we only had four character turning positions and so it looked really static, so i had to play about with the timing and the opacity in order to make it work just right. In the end it looked good! If I had time I would have created alot more characters turning so it looked smoother – but it was good for the time we had.

I really like the speed that the whole animation flows – throughout there is always something to capture the audience and connect with the idea of women. The whole piece just shows lots of ideas and things to think about as a audience – which is forcing you to think further than audio (which is good as our animation shouldn’t just back up this point. If I had more time i would have liked to perfect some of the footage – the suffragette bit was the last scene I did and so I didn’t have long to animate the crowd scene – I think it still works, but if i could have more time I would animate all the characters arms or add more life to it.


The colours of the animation looked really good – its colourful and exciting just like the Women’s rights posters that we looked at and the illustrators. I used colour in mine to highlight important symbolic metaphors. Such as during the scene where the suffragette is in the room – she is trapped and constrained in doors (women expected to be at home) the dark tones just add to the space of darkness. The light that enters through the window is supposed to show hope. The room is meant to contrast the light orange colour that the men’s crowd are outside. The are free and bold – the whole scene is orange tones – showing that it is a man’s world and women are stuck in this place with rules and conformity – they are viewing the man’s world not apart of it. Furthermore there is alot of sky as this shows another metaphor for freedom. She is looking down at the scene also – but when she and the crowd of woman are marching for their rights, you see that they are outside in the orange and the camera angle is looking up – showing that they have a future (there is more sky to show their freedom and space that they have compared to the dark room.) Lastly the colours I have used throughout the suffragette scene (and even the 1920s charleston scene) are green, purple and white as these are the colours of the suffragette movement. I added this to hint to the audience about the movement throughout.

I really like the montage scene – it is so quick but its just the right time as the audience see small glimps of positive women role models and negatives such as objectification of women – at the end the suffragette places her vote so it shows the whole movement – like it finishes that chapter. The colours are especially nice in this scene as they change fast so a display of colour keeps the audience attached to each four people. They are cut together to seem to be one walk of one woman – to connect to all women. I used on shot so that this is clear. Lastly the Charleston starts with a stage to show how women are often looked at rather than the one looking. Furthermore it ensured to host the dance – this dance was so difficult that i instead used a slower but hinted version of the Charleston. The Charleston is a free dance and in the 1920s flapper girls were more wild than that of the decade before. The corset is supposed to be a representation of the restrictions that they still faced – as well as an idea of an industrial look. She faints to show the stereotypical ‘weakness’ of women. I decide to use a zoom in as the corset flies to her so that we as the audience feel the constraint as well. We are literally being pulled in with the scene. Also it lets us have a better view of her face. I used a red background and a contrast green (colour contrast) to ensure that the corset would stand out. Overall I am really pleased with how my animation came out and how the whole piece fit together.

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