Making of Backgrounds


Finished background



The several images included above are the different versions/ early sketches and propps that I created for the late Victorian room for my suffragette. I wanted it to be a dark room – as to symbolize how she is trapped. This is emphasized more with the window light casting a shadow over the floor – like a prison. Compared to the background outside this room is muddy and small. I used the same colours of Green, purple and white throughout the suffragette part – I really wanted to emphasise the movement (a hidden message.) I needed a dark room, so choose darker tones. I also looked at the Arriety bedroom made by Studio Ghibli – I stumbled across this image and it was a perfect reference as the room is dark and uses similar colour palette. With this I created the colour version.


Above is the view from the window that the suffragette is looking out form. She is too look down and see the men debating about upcoming election. This is very important in capturing the whole ‘point’ of the scene. Therefore it had to be clear. I created many sketches and colour tests. In the end I chose a orange colour which is completely different to the suffragette room – to show a contrast between her dark and trapped word. She is kept inside whereas the men let out to be free. I wanted the sky large to show the space they had to be free. Chanel helped to finish this background as I ran out of time nearer the ending – she had a good software that enabled her to draw more to the style. She draw over the sketch.

curtain finalThis is the finished background for the Charleston part. CURTAIN SKETCHcurtain colour2I wanted my Charleston part to be on stage to show how women are often forced to be looked at and serve men – during these times. Secondly, she is going to be dancing to highlight the freedom of the 1920s (wild flapper girls) – the red is dramatic and bold to capture this. I also will have a green corset flying in so this contrast really well. I used several references for this scene – because I was worried with making it look like a stage. You can see above several versions. I was also worried about fitting the character in without making her seem too small as we need to fit her whole body in.  I plan on putting a light onto the curtain to focus on her.


The image above shows ‘parliament’ big ben – although it is not to obvious it has a style. I decided to place the angle looking up to contrast with the angle when the suffragette is looking down at the window. Furthermore the sky is large her to show the freedom they are reaching for. A new beginning. The colours in this scene are the same in the male crowd one – to show how the suffragettes / women are trying to find rights in a male world.

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