Creating my Characters


Above is the finished characters made for the Charleston and corset scene. When making the different characters and scenes we used a character base that was made my Chanel. It has different layers for all the parts that were to be animated. Therefore it took some time to rig. However it meant that we could include pieces that would be animated with overlap such as the hair/ the tassels on the dress. Above the character has changed from the original sketch. I actually made that our fit (See below) but when reviewing it from the animation test – it didn’t feel that 1920s (it wasn’t obvious) therefore I designed several more – looked at some of the other outfits I had sketched and come up the one above. The hair I have made into a fuller bob so I could animate it more, and tassels to the skirt to animate. I decided to change the colours to that of the Suffragette character/ the Women’s movement. (as this scene is meant to highlight freedom — like the movement.) It also worked better with the background. I added the 1920s make up.

charleston costumes


Channel’s Bases


 Above is the suffragette character. I created her costume from my design – I researched into the costume of this period and from pictures of the actual suffragettes I produced this character. She has the sash and sign that highlights what movement she is – straight away to the audience. She uses the purple, green and white (the colours of the movement.) To symbolize this further. She had the most amount of costumes as I had to so her from six different angles. I am happy with her – she does have a bushy feather on her hat but it isn’t visible on the background.

banners (1)

Above are the banners and signs that I created for the scene when a large group of the women are walking to fight for the votes for women. These are important as they describe exactly what is happening for the audience. They were based on real signs from the era. A vintage looking font was used on the banners and signs to make sure it look even more of this era. And the flags have the colours (again) for the movement.


Above is the set up of the crowd for the second version. In the first version the characters looked a bit to similar so I had to change the hair, eye colour and that colours. I organised the character together so they could easily be animated. I had to make sure that not two similar character were together and that a sign or banner was visible at one time on the screen. I’m really happy about this as the characters work well together. On the first image you can see the main character of this part at the front with her sign so it connects together.

Crowds peopleAbove are all the characters for the crowd scene – I did change the colours of some of them but these are the original people. I made to angles so that the crowd has different perspectives and not look to flat. They all follow the same colour palette to ensure that the audience understand they are from the same movement.  I used the designs for my main character that I didn’t use for the crowd.

faceAbove are an example of the facial expression that were used. They had to be very simple as I used the pin too to move around the mouths. The eyes had a cut layer where the iris’s could move. I only used three or four mouths so that I wouldn’t have many layers.

more charactersLastly, other than the suffragette character (who is also in the scene with these three) these are the last characters. The first is a women in her underwear – she has a larger ‘chest’ and she fuller lips/ blonde hair – To capture the male gaze idea. She is going to be walking and then realizing (looking to camera/audience) that she is being watched and covers herself up. I have used red to highlight ‘sexy’ nature. The second I created of the first women to fly across the Atlantic ocean – she has a pilot outfit on and is going to be holding a pilot tool – in the background aeroplanes will be flying behind her (so hopefully people can recognize her.) The last character is of Marie Curie, I created this outfit from Mei’s section – she didn’t do a side version and I added the beaker which will be holding acid of some sort. This way it will connect with the audio ‘scientific’.


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