Animation Tests

These four tests are some of the experiments I created before officially beginning the animation process – I made some whilst creating the character to ensure that costumes and facial expression would work:

above is an experimented of the animation test of the character expression and hair blowing in the wind. I wanted to look into two things with this experiment. 1) being the face, we had to cut out the eyeballs and layer the iris underneath so i wanted to see how this would look (it worked which is relief.) The mouth changing – I used the pin tool to change it from a smile to a frown. That worked well. The eyelids had to be layered below also. 2) I wanted to work on the overlap of the fringe and feathers of the hat. I had to create lots of layers so it let me just experiment before the final animation. I am happy with the results.

This is an experiment of the walk cycle which will be used for the pilot montage – its really slow because I key framed on a larger time rate without realising. Even though this way we can see the overlap of the scarf well. Furthermore an issue that i found is that the feet would not stay onto the legs – it would come off – even if it was parented. As a result I will combine the feet and legs. I’m going to use a walk cycle of the feet and copy and paste – then move the composition as this will cut down time instead of moving one after the other.

Although this Youtube video looks as though its not working, it is. (Play it.)  Here is the first try at making the Charleston. It is clear that this was a failure – However I also wanted to look at the lighting of the scene and the camera angles. These elements I really like – so will use for my final animation. The list of what is wrong with this is: The feet, again not connecting with the legs, the legs are dancing too fast – and because the pin tool it looks rather short legged (if you understand). The pattern of the dress is disjointing from the dress and so I have to edit the clothes onto their layers. The hair is showing bald spots when it overlaps. I also really dislike the costume and so am going to recreate this and the hair.

This was my second attempt of creating the Charleston – I really like this move. It slowly builds up to a pose. Doing a proper Charleston dance was not working, i made many attempts but they all like the animation above. I decided instead to imply the Charleston like this test. I found a two legs that were on the wrong layer which you can see above. I sorted this out, thankfully. This test saw the first time I applied the corset to the women and a turn. All of these let me understand what speed was best suited at it is a sudden turn. The corset feel a bit to fast – I might slow it down in the actual animation.

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