Week Four

These are the character mood boards I created to get a better understanding of how the costumes during the period of time that I will be making. Directly below is the corset. I wanted to get a better understanding of that ‘industrial’ looking corset and how tight they could go – this was actually disturbing to see. It shows how the idea of beauty would permantly destroy the women’s body – it was good to research as it meant I could go into animating with more knowledge. My corset will not be this detailed but implied.


corset1THE MEN

I actually in the end did not create male characters as there was too many characters to create – but here is the mood board I put together of the men that could have been in the voting section.


The 1920s

The moodboard below are images I collected from google. They show poses and clothing belonging to the 1920s era. I used this a great deal when deciding on the character costume and behavior for the final animation. I really like the dance poses of the Charleston and hope I can use such fun and excitement in my work.



Not author’s own (bibliography)

Below are some gifs that show camera angles I could use – the Charleston is mainly for the feet and so a close up could make animating a bit easier (after effects puppets can be restricting) and could create a nice impact. Below that you can see the entire body which Is also nice as you can see the ladies facial expression as she dances this very joyful dance. I like the two different colours too as it brings her out of the red background. I might think about doing this.

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