Week Five

This week we presented our finished animatic to the rest of the class. We got alot of really positive feedback and alot of people really like the concept (which was a good thought.) It also gave us a chance to see where everyone else was with their animation stage. Some of the groups had to restart completely and so it showed us that we were at a good stage and not to worry as much. Mei, our group’s editor had to put the animatic together that day as we had worked on them over the weekend. She also put together the presentation – while the rest of the group gathered the images and work to put on the slide show. Some of the constructive criticism that we gained from the presentation was that some of the angles made the animatic look flat and we should think about the camera angles that we have included. – I agree slightly with this as some of the angles were flat on wide shots – and so we thought about different angles after the presentation. But, our artists that we had looked into, actually create this flat looking style, so it was our style we had chosen. But I and the rest of the group of course want to have some variety in camera shots.

During the rest of the week we changed the schedule as we were a little behind. We also began creating moodboards for the our different characters, backgrounds and for the colour. We needed to identify what all of our animation would look like so that when we began animating we knew exactly whether it would work – and also so they each would work with each other. We had alot of really communication during this period as all have a round idea of what we wanted it to look like – the difficulty was just identifying what exactly we wanted.

Below is our finished storyboard we created from our sketchbook ‘re-design’ of the storyboard. We used this to understand each others work and during the process of animating. And a script of the story.

Part One (MEI’S)

“Design is a agent of change, “

The word design appears on the screen (creatively)

Then turns into chemical symbols/ atoms

Then zooms out to a presentation from the first female scientist.

 “which can help us to make sense of what’s happening around us and to turn it to our advantage.”

Chemistry set, words go into and changes – droplets from the steam come together and spiral as a visual display of audio

Part Two (ALICE)

 “And the process of analysis,”

A group of men in a group debating about politics and the election.


Zooms out onto a woman looking out from her window

 “planning and execution that we call design, “

Woman puts on sash/ picks up sign and then marches along with other women.

 “can help to ensure that changes of any type, whether there scientific, technological, cultural, political, social, whatever”

Montage of women. Suffogette walks across and she changes into scientist (Marie Curie), changes to first female pilot to fly across the atlantic, to a women in male gaze and finally to the suffogette making her vote.

 “are introduced to the world in ways that are positive and empowering rather than inhibiting or destructive.”

Charleston dance and then corset tightens around her.

Part 3 (CHANEL)

“There’s no shortage of challenges to tackle, “

‘We can do it’ poster female – famous arm pose.

 “helping us to live more responsibility and sustainably,”

Zoom out to the fields – her in land army – farming background.

 “re-inventing dysfunctional social services,”

Police/ ambulance vehicle drives past the screen.

“readdressing the tragic imbalance of resources that leave so many people with too little and the rest of us with more than we need or want.”

Behind the vehicle the next scene (a homeless mother and child on the street) appears. A rich man/ woman walks past a homeless child dies/ ill.

 Part 4 (NATASHA)

“Now I’m not going to pretend for a moment that design is a panacea for these problems (far from it)”

The potion is created (no hands – on its own) and then knocked over.

 “but it’s a very powerful tool to tackle them, provided it’s deployed intelligently , and the more we know about design the greater our changes will be of using its power wisely.”

The presentation of a teacher in a class –

Camera to student who stands up.

Then slowly becomes consumed by design – the colours project out of her and the finished poster pose – with the words “using its power wisely.”

RSA_Storyboard (pt 1)RSA_Storyboard part 2RSA_Storyboard (pt 3)

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