Week Five – Collecting animation reference

Look into similar film scenes and animations – look at camera angles and shots

The Frog Princess – the crowd

I am planning on having a section of my part – a woman doing the Charleston. As well as looking at reference for animating this complex dance I looked at the Disney’s Princess and the Frog because it is based around the 1920s – in particular one song reverts into a 1920s art deco style animation. I looked at this for inspiration for my own scene – I like the art deco shapes that are apart of the background and foreground. Furthermore the colours are also a good reference – as I can see how only a few colours have been used throughout this section of the film.

In addition I have a couple of crowd scenes in my part of our group animation – due to time reasons I can create character designs and parts for each person in the crowd. If you watch the footage you can see the crowds upper body moving still, up and down – and the legs are the only things that move. I actually really like this because it doesn’t loose the main character and would be easier to animate. I want to try and do something like for the crowd I create.

1920s Footage

I am going to be attempting animating the Charleston – a complex quick step from the 1920s. And so I have collected many original videos from this era (like the one above) to use for reference. I want to look through the different moves and pick one that can reflect the style of the dance but also is simple enough to animate.   It is also nice just to get a feel of the rhythm and style of dance – as well as the fun aspect of the Charleston and the 20s. Thinking about camera angles – I think I need to be able to capture the whole body as it is very much about the whole body in a playful way. However the feet often have a complex and quick step which may be interesting to capture with a close up (but this is obviously dependent on whether I could animate it well enough.)

Dance final (girl in striped top)

The girl in the striped top. As soon as I watched this video I thought, yes she is the one! I just love her dance moves to be honest. She moves in a way that makes her curvy and womanly? if that makes sense. This video is really nice reference because it is of a modern dance final exam – and these dance students have modernized the Charleston but kept its fun and timeless moves.


I watched this video to gain more knowledge about the Suffogettes and Suffogists for our animation on Women. However it actually has a lot of reference footage of what the protests looked liked and how these women acted like.

Meet me in st Louis

Gone with the Wind

Pirates of the Caribbean

The three particular videos above all look at corsets and the pain they cause the women as they are tightening the undergarment. I am going to use a corset assembling around the subject as she is dancing the Charleston – and so I need to look at different reactions – and just to learn about the expressions. My character is going to need to react in a surprised and pained way. These videos show the women after the pain also and how they feel. In the first we see Judy Garland unable to move normally – needing to sit to find relief and that is done carefully. The others show touching the waist/ readjusting the corset around the waist. My character will also be fainting.

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