14 Above is my final storyboard after reviewing different angles and ideas for my section. Here you can see the order and camera angles I hope to use.

16From my section I have created different ideas – generate lots of thumbnails from words and explore different camera angles. They are small but I have explored lots of different ideas quickly to get rid of any cliche or bad ideas. You can see the early stages of the corset idea here.


This was several ideas for the first part (Mei’s) I drew up some sketches which i showed her and the rest of group. We had the idea of having chemistry and so i made thumbnails around this. My favourite was of a chemistry set that reactions grow and overpower the lady and show her the possibilities of design.


Above is some more thumbnails for Chanel’s section. We had trouble determining what exactly was to be used to represented three scenarios why endless representations. I looked into literal and metaphorical ideas.

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