Above is a animation that I discovered whislt watching TV its an advert at the moment but I really like how fast paced it is – furthermore like out animation, it uses an audio which the animation follows. I especially like the fast paced transitions (the days of the week) the character is transported to different areas. We was thinking of doing something like this for our first idea. Furthermore I really like the colours they have used. Just like we want to, it is bold and colourful. It has the style we are going for too. Its a nice example of what we could do.

This is an independent animator that discovered – he works only in after effects. This is his portfolio. I really like his style as it is how we want ours to look (not colour wise but the animation style). It is full of action and it is a good example of After effects – It shows how the software will not limited us – the camera angles he uses and the way that he transions between the different scenes are really pretty. Even if some shots are still he still is able to capture life to the characters and settings. The colours he uses are wonderful – as they set a mood and atmosphere. The backgrounds are often detailed but used only shape like settings.


selected from all our independant artists we looked at:

our artists

  • Alexander Vidal
  • Christian Montenegro
  • Lizzy Stewart
  • Meomi
  • Nicolas John Firth
  • Rubber House Studio
  • Scott Benson
  • Charles Huettner
  • Vesa Sammalisto

Above is a moodboard of all of our chosen styles – The artists are noted below. We have decided to create our animation of After effects as so Scott Benson is a really good examples. Other illustrators that use shapes and colours alot in their work. Vesa Sammalisto illustration are complicated but have use only two colours and there tones – which is really pleasing. Also we like alot of screen printers that also use simple shapes and colours to create their work. Our animation will use puppet tool in After effects and so we need it to be simple – so using shapes like this can show a nice style that is stylished.

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