Week Two


– Reviewing the art style and making decisions.

Doing Presentation in front of the rest of our peers.

We gathered all of our research that we had collected so far to make a presentation which we would show to the rest of the class – It also gave us a chance to see how everyone else was doing with their projects. It was quite clear when we started watched everyone else’s presentation that they were further ahead than us! They all have their final idea already planned out – which was good as they knew what direction they wanted to go in. It also made our group question about where we stood with our project and push us into making our idea.

Although, personally I felt that it was a bit too early for this stage .We may still had a lot to do compared to them, however, we only just started researching the RSA brief, our brief and the lots of artists and illustrators we felt could bring to the animation. We wanted the first week to be a research one – the more we understood about our audience and the complexity of the script the better our idea would be (when we came up with it) as we understood the message and connected to it. I needed this time to research into the idea of design – so therefore I liked that we wasn’t as restricted to a finished idea (after the first week.) The idea generation and research normally are the largest and important parts of the animation process so no need to rush.

What went well and what could have gone better

We actually need to identify with how we want to connect with the audio and make it personal to us. Although in the presentation we explained what the RSA lecture meant and its message – we didn’t properly explain/ know ourselves how we would interact with this message.


Picking out the adjectives and words from the script

After the presentation, Mike (our tutor) decided it would be a good idea to get together in our groups and begin the idea generation process. We were all to look at our script to the RSA and select adjectives and any words that conveyed imagery to us. We would then use this word to draw and write down ideas that we imagined from this word. As many small thumbnails as we could think of – relating or not relating to the topic of design and society. I really liked this exercise because in our group we were all confused with how we would make our animation – what I mean is, was it a motion graphic or a narrative piece, with a character or without. And if it was a narrative how would we make it connect to the audio without confusion. This really puzzled me – but doing this exercise meant we could begin making random thoughts (even if we didn’t use them — it let us think about what we could do with the animation.) So very helpful!

Dividing the script into four

We decided to split the script into four sections. And divide this between the four of us for this exercise (and maybe even for storyboarding later on.) so that we could each spend enough time on the whole script. Of course we each help one another think up ore ideas and discuss what we had for each part. Above is the brainstorm we made with the ideas.

We began thinking about some different ideas –

Mei really liked the motion graphic route whereas Natasha and Chanel wanted a main character in the animation. Personally I wanted to start with having a strong idea and think about this after. So we began coming up with some ideas but taking into consideration what everyone liked/ envisioned.

Deciding what to do that week

Over this week we want to do the following:

We will brainstorm many ideas (lots of thumbnails, so the next time we meet we can discuss these and develop the ones we liked from each other.) also to avoid being stuck on a certain idea/ get rid of the bad ones. Lots of ideas (thumbnails) for certain words or for the different parts we gave to each other.

Watch the full RSA: Most of us actually haven’t sat down and watched the full 20 minute lecture where the 1 min Design and society audio was taken – watching this could give us some more ideas. And it could explain more about the ideas and message the speaker is conveying.

The Problem /THE IDEA

By the end of the week I had become so stuck with the ideas and slightly confused that I decided to write onto the Facebook message if anyone knew what our idea was. Everyone else couldn’t answer – therefore i put forward one of my ideas i had thumbnailed: Women’s Movement Idea ->”One idea that I had, is that our character is a woman from the past, to see how women have used design in order to get the vote – and establish themselves into society now (in a equal world) – the same character from the past to know. Basically how women have used design to give themselves notice and rights. Equality.” (from the chat) – Furthermore it seemed like a good idea because we were all women! So it connected to each of us. Everyone in the group really liked this concept – and from there we began researching into the suffragette movement and women’s rights for the start of next week. Also coming up with thumbnails to connect the idea to the audio.


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