Week One

Forming Groups / Our roles

My first task for the new term was to form a group with the other students in the class. We had to form groups of 3 – 4 people. And we went about doing this by determining the skills we all had. Before we even began deciding who should be in each others groups our tutor (Mike) helped us all to recognize each of our interests/strengths that we felt we could bring to a group. Also he made us decide what role we might like to take on for this brief.

My Role/ Skills

The skills I explained I had was working in 2D animation (doing a foundation course – we mostly used 2D animation) also I said about foundation – and how we had to create 30 sec animations often sometimes under short deadlines such as 2 weeks. I had to do research, development and the final animation in this time. Because of this I felt I could bring my knowledge about working to such a deadline and the process. I also know various programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After effects and Premiere Pro (although some I’ve only know a basic knowledge of.) I also mentioned that I felt I was a good idea generator – I often can plant down lots of ideas and ways it could be created. I like to storyboard/ concept and character also. However because there was so many people in the class that wanted to become the artist – I decided instead to apply for the Director position (as I never have been one before and I felt I was a good leader and ideas person.)

The Group

When deciding a group it was important that we would get on and could communicate about our ideas easily – without to much disagreement (however a little will help us) – I first choose Mei as she is an editor (there were not that many!) she has quite a strong knowledge when it comes to creating animation and putting it together. Chanel is an artist she has even sold her art before for commission – Lastly Natasha she makes her own music as a hobby and so will be helpful in that department. Although we have these skills I know that we each really want to have a go at each area of making our animation (everyone really likes making storyboards and being artists – so we most likely will share the work load during this part.) However for the sake of being official below are our titles.

Me (Alice) -> Director 2D animation/directing/storyboarding/character animation

Mei -> Editor photoshop/after effects

Chanel -> Artist Illustrator/characters/2D animation/Photoshop/Sai

Natasha -> Producer Character/storylines/drawings – Photoshop

Deciding on which audio and why / looking up different artists / style

Another reason why we made a good team is because we all agreed on trying the other brief ‘Design and Society’ as the rest of the class chose Curiosity – we thought we should have ago at the audio no one else liked.

Looking at Brief

To begin with we all wanted to read through both our Unit Brief and the RSA brief so that we had a better understanding of what to expect – there was a lot to read through so we decided to read through this that night.

Setting up meetings and Facebook message

As the Director I created a Facebook group where we could all discuss issues we may have. Also to upload data for each other to see and let us connect as one group.

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