Week nine – 26/11/2014






This drawing has displayed the curves with only a few lines. I like how the legs and arms use different techniques but they work so well together.



Again, I feel as though i have improved so much from week one, theses techniques have capture more movement than any drawings I’ve done before. The dark tones of pencil mark.




I really like all three of these 1min drawings – quickly done however I have capture curves and gestures with the new techniques. I like the man sitting don as the chair is so straight in comparison to the curves of his body. The legs of the top left drawing were captured so well – as the model had thin long legs.



I have captured the gesture of the poses here. The man leaning forward – we can feel the force and weight.



The model walked in a circle and we had to capture four different poses – This has helped me to understand a walk cycle (helpful for the personality walk animation.)


The rings represent the direction of the body – helps to create a 3D form (teaching us to work less flat in out drawings)


10 second drawings – my favourite of all fast drawings so far – I was able to capture the gesture and pose well with less marks.

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