Week four – 22/10/2014



We have used these flow lines to capture the gesture of the pose. I really enjoy how just a simple technique can capture the figure so well. My favourite from above is the second to the left – the long curve for the entire body and straight of the second half shows what limbs are relaxed and which is supporting the weight of the body.



These flow lines have so much curve, they can capture the hips and waist of the model we can immediately identify a woman. My favourite from above is the woman hunched over as the back line is carried from the leg up and it just draws our eyes up and over the curve.



These drawing were created with my wrong hand (left) and so the lines are wobbly, however it forced me to really think about what line I wanted to capture instead of just drawing what was in front of me. I really also like the lines (more interesting than just a straight line.)



These are the flow lines I created before we did the wrong hand exercise – we can see the difference of this. Even though they still capture the gesture well with only a few lines.

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