Modelling the set / Lighting

The Environment

When planning my idea I decided that I wanted the character to be walking home from school during autumn/ winter time. Therefore she is going to be walking past rows of houses back to her own house. I knew for my scene I was going to need a road, houses, lampposts for sure. I also knew that she is walking back when there it is starting to get dark – therefore for my lighting I need a dark setting.


I’ve decided to model a lamppost for my scene as it will give my street more realism, furthermore I can use these as the scene will be dark (because the animation is set when it is beginning to get dark) – these lamp posts therefore will be coupled with a spotlight and glow. To start with I began by researching into a lamppost. I photographed the lampposts outside of my house as reference.


Above are the photographs that I took. Things to note, the height is just the size of the house surrounding. The lamppost sits just before the pavement ends and the road starts. The direction of the lamppost is out to the road. The light isn’t a hard spotlight but spreads across the pavement.

Below are the finished modelled lampposts. The spotlight was originally white however I Later decided to used a yellow glow which was more realistic and lit the scene in a warmer tone. I also later made the spotlight less intense.

lamp_02 LAMP_03lamp_04

The Houses and street

Below are some images of the street I created. I began with the road (and then downloaded a house online) which I duplicated over and over. After this I entered the lamppost into the scene. I decided to keep the houses white so that the lighting could just wrap the scene in shadows and to keep the scene minimal. I don’t want the environment to distract the scene. I added the lamppost and duplicated – at first I added quite a few but then I felt that it was distracting from the scene (especially since they emit such light) and so I cut it down.

te street renderrig#

The Bin

bin  bin_03 bin_04

Above is a bin that I modelled during the progression week workshop. As I was going to model a street I decided to use it in my scene. The process took me over two days to make and has been one of the most challenging things I’ve done in Maya it was an introduction into modelling for me which is why it was so difficult – but now i feel very proud of my green bin! I placed the green bin randomly around the houses and infront of the fences just to give that little extra detail.  I decided to keep my bin and lamppost green whereas the rest of the scene is white and grey so that we draw attention to the creations that I modeled.



Above shows how the final scene will look when rendered with mental ray. I added a in direct light – sun and sky to the scene and angled it in a way that creates this glow that looks as though the sun is setting and the sky is getting darker. I then used a spotlight under the lampposts to give emphasis this warm atmosphere – they look just as though they have just turned on as the spotlight is so soft. I really like how the street has this blue tone as it just shows the day is getting darker.


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