Embarrassed Walk Research

The incredibles (2004)

One of the characters that I decided to research into for the embarrassed walk was Violet from The Incredibles – in particular I looked into the scene at the very beginning where she is staring at a guy that she likes, when he sees her, she ducks down and then she later hurries away into her car. Her character may be more timid and shy than ’embarrassed’ but I still felt she was a good reference as she is very introverted – she tends to walk with her arms to her chest and hides her features – when we are embarrassed we tend to want to hide ourselves. In addition shy people are worried of making a fool of themselves because they don’t want the embarrassment. Violet’s character has the ability to hide herself through invisibility.

Never been Kissed (1999)

The film Never been Kissed is about a journalist that decides to go under cover at a high school – Throughout this film, the lead character seems to be relieving her childhood embarrassment and trying to fit in at high school. I decided to look at this film because there are several scenes that project embarrassment – just watching her reaction to some of these has helped me to get a better understanding of how embarrassment can be experienced. One scene that I want to focus on my project is where she walks down a corridor with the words ‘loser’ on her forehead, and everyone stares – in addition their are multiple scenes such as her falling in public and her childhood geeky self that are really useful for reference.  

I felt that is should include this video above, it shows a female walking into a lamppost because she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings (just like my character) she then gets embarrassed and her walk speed increases as she pretends nothing has happened. She wants to get away from the situation. I really wish that the legs were captured in this footage – however it still can be used to understand embarrassed behavior.

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