Printscreen of working with splines and watching the tutorial

Above is the walk cycle I created – I followed a tutorial by Digital Tutors in order to make it. This short walk really helped me to understand how walk cycles are created and how I can adjust the Spline to give extra weight or overlaps to my character. It also served me an opportunity to work with the rig – when using it in this tutorial I thought that this would be my chosen rig for my personality walk – I liked the eyes – the only thing is that the alien does not have much hip action – and i really want to make a female for my final personality walk. I am really pleased with the outcome.

Above is a clip I made with the orange rig (using Digital Tutors) tutorial. I really enjoyed using this rig because the gaps in between enabled me more space to pull it apart. Furthermore there is a second female rig which I could use for my final animation. I like that their is more hip sway also so i could emphasise a feminine walk more. I really like creating my walk cycle – following the tutorial was alot more helpful than reading from instructions as i could play around and know what i was doing, was right.

This is my finished Ball and legs. I found creating this to be a big challenge – I needed to follow instructions on paper and because i am quite new to the software – understanding entirely what it meant was very difficult (the biggest confusion was the splines.) and this being my first walk cycle it was all just a learning curb for me! This is the finished two, although they are no way perfect I am happy that the main walk is still there – if i had more time on this I would of course try and re-work though it an perfect any kicks. For me I am quite proud that they appear to be walking.

Okay, so when creating my ball and legs I did come into some problems – the one above shows one outcome that looked alot like a person impersonating a horse. Later I went back and realised that there was keyframes outside of the 25 frames and this affected the walk when cycling.


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