The Idea

A young girl aged between 15-16 walks home after school – during this time she is listening to her music and decides to sing along really loud/ and dance walking – her walk at this time will be more bouncy, her hips will be swaying higher side to side and the pace may be changing between steps – then she looks to her right and notices a person standing outside their house looking at her (singing and dancing in an otherwise silent street). Shocked and embarrassed we then see her speed away (not running but hurrying with a fast walk) away from the scene.

Who? – A female, young 15 – 18. Childish, happy and carefree, when spotted she become embarrassed  What? – Listening/singing to music with some dance bounce to her walk, could be using her arms and head to beat of music she is listening too Where? – Down a pavement near houses – street (outside). She is going to be walking home. When? – after school so around 4pm. Maybe getting a bit dark so street lamps on. Why? – Embarrassment – some one sees her and she didn’t realize and so she becomes embarrassed and walks in a hurry.

Where to start? 

Look at some songs which could help with pacing and get a sense of rhythm.

Okay, so I thought I would look up different songs to discover the best sense of rhythm – the young girl is going to be dancing and singing so therefore her walk will reflect the type of music. Maybe even listening and dancing to these songs and experimenting with the style of walk that I could potentially use. I will also think about what genre of music – maybe the song she is singing is embarrassing (we all have those guilty pleasures of songs – that we prefer not to share with the rest of the world) so perhaps she is singing operatic? Disney? rap? anything… she might just be playing around whilst dancing or she could be deadly serious (dancer) so when the music cuts to the other persons P.O.V (silence) she could look ridiculous.  so I will need to do a lot of research into this.

Get some online reference – videos on YouTube and movies/ pictures

Collecting online research personally is the largest and most important part for me. There is an archive of videos to watch. I am going to begin by separating the two walk cycles into the dance-y/ singing walk and the embarrassment walk (walk of shame). I will need to research these different areas – looking for existing film and animation materials. I will look at the way females walk – and especially girls of this age. Examine what are the difference of men and women or women and girls. Pictures might also be useful just to express a certain mood (example: embarrassment ) which could express the way the body will move and etc. I want to also just look at footage of people getting embarrassed – I think this will be a hard one – I’m going to try to look into people getting scared (their reaction), people dancing in their rooms and being found, and just plain embarrassed. I might need to be creative and recreate a personal embarrassment walk. That moves us on to…

LIVE footage

I’m going to then film as many different tests as possible. The more the better. I want to understand what works and what could look awful. Live footage means I can determine exactly what I want – and means I can develop my primary research into a new walk. It gives me all the power. I can act the character and use a grid system to help me. I hoping that the end result will make people laugh, the character is going to be walking in a very weird but exaggerated way. I’m going to then do a couple of tests from my live footage to again determine what the final walk will be.

Two sides of a personality – building the character

Building the character is very important. I don’t want to create two different people performing a walk – so my aim is to make it believable and that the story is clear. The two different parts of the walk will show the concept of how we often let go when we think no one is there – especially when we listen to music with headphones – people tend to sink into their own worlds and don’t take notice of the surroundings they forget where they are and can just loose themselves. I have many times sung a line or word from a song when in public and I get embarrassed as those around are not in that moment in my world. I / and the character look ridiculous from the outside. So I will need to spend some time on this.

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