Ideas and Concept



Above are images I scanned from my sketchbook – In class I played about with the rig and made very simple animations using the overlap principle. I have to make three – therefore I decided to plan out some simple storyboards. One of my animations will have the pendulum moving all around the scene and so I’ve created a pose to pose drawing to understand where the pendulum will be swinging as it moves – this will make it easier for when I come to animate the animation. I Also plan to have a ball dropping onto the pendulum – and it struggling to keep it on the top (I’ve also made a very basic storyboard, above for this.)


For research I’ve looked at different tests on YouTube. However I also used Richard Williams animation survival Kit as reference to the pendulum – he has given a pendulum with key frames and spacing of how the pendulum should swing (I found this especially helpful when planning and creating my pendulum.

richard williams

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